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NEWS The Merge

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Hello everyone,
Today we have the most exciting news for MineVille! As most of you know, MineVille is ran by the company ManaLabs. ManaLabs also runs ManaCube, a larger Minecraft network established nine years ago. Both servers are very similar in many ways, as they share the same development teams. We have made the decision to merge both networks together; MineVille will merge into ManaCube. We have really big plans for moving forward and this is the best course to take.

There are many advantages to the merge, including
  • Pooling of resources and talent
  • Complete focus of the manalabs team on one network
  • Faster expansion/growth/content
  • Faster bug fixing
  • Advertisements focused on 1 network
  • MineVille name is not good long-term, due to the bad rep from the MineVille that is on bedrock edition.
  • Admin team instantly increasing to 15
  • Unique gamemodes instantly increasing to 12
More importantly, we have been working on a new backend system that will allow us to hold unlimited players on one realm without lag. This system works by dividing one realm into multiple servers which are all synced together. Instead of holding less than 300 players on one realm (with lag spikes at times). This is one of the major reasons that this merge is now possible.

This merge will open the door to many new opportunities and we cannot wait to show you what we have been working on.

Transfer of MineVille profiles
  • Minebucks will transfer to cubits. 100 Minebucks is 1 cubit (there is no loss of value). On ManaCube 1 cubit is $1, while on MineVille 100 minebucks is $1.
    When this is ready you will need to type /minebucks on ManaCube to redeem them.
  • Ranks will transfer to their equivalent ManaCube rank. ManaCube is also per-server ranks like MineVille
  • Any purchased perks such as glows, colors, titles, pins, wardrobe gear, infinite flight, /rename, etc will transfer
    Your purchase total is also synced with ManaCube
  • Season vault items inside your vault will also transfer however the lores might be reformatted (no loss of special powers/texture/enchantments though)
  1. July 16 - Skyblock Release on ManaCube
  2. July 16 - Asgard added to ManaCube
  3. July 16 - Infinity added to ManaCube
  4. July 23 - Survival Release on ManaCube [Survival may be delayed a few days, hopefully not]
  5. July 23 - MineVille now automatically connects to ManaCube
  6. July 30 - Earth Release on ManaCube
  7. August ? - Impostor [COLOR=rgb(97, 189...

NEWS Fire Reset + Update (Season 3) [Postponed]

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Hello everyone,
It's time for a brand new season of Fire. The current season (season 2) was released on December 20, 2020 and has lasted 6 months. We have learned a lot from the current season and we can't wait for you to check out all the changes we have done for Fire Season 3 which is releasing Sunday, June 27, 4PM EST.

➥ New Spawn, PvP Arena, & NPCs

We have a brand new 300x300 spawn that will house all the features' NPCs. The NPCs are also custom instead of same-old-boring villagers.


➥ Economy
The spawner fragments and core economy may have been a little too grindy and hard for players without powerful sets (for isles) and those who simply did not want to spend a lot of time manually killing mobs. Therefore, we have decided to opt for a more inclusive & balanced way of obtaining spawners. In season 3, you can directly buy spawners using Gems. Gems is a currency that you are all familiar with already. You can get gems from:
  • Farming
  • Killing mobs
  • Killing monsters in isles
  • Playtime
In summary, we are removing a middleman (frags & core) and replacing it with a currency that everyone is already familiar with and know how to easily obtain.

The legends rewards are staying the same for this season. The minebuck payouts will be as follows:

Remember: competing for legends is an optional experience that does not unlock any special features.​
➥ Minions
Minions have been discontinued for a couple seasons on MineVille, and it was mostly due to their over-powered nature. We now have a new system for minions:

  • You can obtain a minion directly from crates (or isles if you are lucky)
  • Place a minion on your island and give it spawners to farm. A minion may have only 1 type of spawner given it and up to 64 of that spawner.
  • The minion will automatically grind the spawner, collect its drops, and sell them if you also give it an autosell chest.
  • If you do not give the minion an autosell chest, you will just have to manually click on the "sell loot" whenever the minion is full (100,000 items capacity)...

NEWS May 2021

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The vote leaderboard has now reset - Find links at https://mineville.org/vote/
The top 5 voters every month earn 2,000 Minebucks ($20)


Congratulations to the top voters! The top 5 has received their minebucks!

Congratulations to This Month's Staff of The Month Junior @onix34 and Senior @goossee & @RQCAPTAIN


No staff promos this month :( Do you want to be part of our team? We are always looking for new, dedicated members of the community that want to help us making this network safe and fun for everyone. If you want to give it a try, read the requirements and apply here: https://mineville.org/forums/staff-applications/

Every month, the top 5 islands, plots, towns & kingdoms that spend the most money on island/kingdom/town levels will be rewarded with a +1 Legend Score and minebucks! Legends will be featured in /legends.

#1 Island: Endgame
#2 Island: Botgamez
#3 Island: Spurs
#4 Island: Rokaa#1
#5 Island: FloppyDiscs
#1 Island: Oof
#2 Island: yeet
#3 Island: TheGrind
#4 Island: hononoshima
#5 Island: I__PK__I
#1 Kingdom: Wango
#2 Kingdom: Play2Win
#3 Kingdom: Dawnstar
#4 Kingdom: MistyValley
#5 Kingdom: XanBoki
#1 Town: Reapers
#2 Town: Bayan
#3 Town: Cypranus
#4 Town: Hydro
#5 Town: Sarpsborg
#1 Plot: ImagineDraggin
#2 Plot: Snailtown2
#3 Plot: HawksNest
#4 Plot: Cactustown
#5 Plot: Nether

We will see who will retain their spots next month!

➥ Released the Pokemon crate
Improved server performance on water and kingdom
➥ Many bug fixes, view in #changelog channel on Discord to stay up to date! Be sure to report bugs in tickets, we aim to have (most) bug fixed within 72 hours.


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