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NEWS Impostor v1.1

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Hello everyone,
Ever since we released Impostor, we have been listening to your feedback, adding new features, and fixing reported bugs. We are now ready to release Impostor version 2.0, which comes with quite a few new features, map changes, QOL updates, and optimizations.

  • Added ghost models. If you die you will now see other dead players as ghosts as well as yourself
  • Added dynamic (real-time) map that has room names and an indicator to highlight your position
  • Added nametags above player models containing colors & player name (this is part of our updates aimed at making the game compatible for colorblind players)
  • Meeting called through reporting a dead body will now have separate start title & subtitles saying that a body was found & by who
  • Added immersive sounds for tasks, sabotages, killing, voting, ejections, and emergency meetings
  • Added option to skip vote with Shift + Click
  • Added list of who voted for each color in the end-of-meeting message
  • Added tally for players who skipped voting in the end-of-meeting message
  • Added player colors to TAB
  • Added whether or not player has voted during emergency meetings in TAB
  • Added [Dead] suffix next to dead players in TAB
  • Added HEX color support for TAB & scoreboard - join on 1.16+
  • Added Speed I to crewmates during the lights sabotage
  • Added multi-line messages at start of each task that will tell you how to do the task
  • Hitting the glowing block above each task start point will now send the multi-line help message
  • Added auto-play - you will now be sent to the next most-populos available lobby once your game ends
  • Increased Alien sabotage grace period from 60 seconds to 75 seconds
  • Increased Oxygen sabotage grace period from 60 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Decreased Aliens sabotage amount from 10 to 5 aliens
  • Increased radius for killing & reporting dead bodies from 1.5 blocks to 2.5 blocks
  • Added separate title & subtitle when game ends due to crewmates completing all tasks
  • Added 22 new skins
  • Removed Purple color as it got confused with pink in-game
  • Added player color models emojis to chat & select titles
  • You can now call an emergency meeting or report a dead body even if a Lights or a Speed sabotage is going on. Both sabotages will resume at remaining time once meeting is over
  • Added ability to spectate a room by clicking on its sign inside the vents
Once you are in a 3 block radius of another player, their name tag will appear. It will include their 1) username and 2) their color. You will not be able to see nametags of impostors inside vents even if they are 3 blocks near you. Name tags will also be visible...

NEWS Impostor Minigame (1.0 Release)

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Hello everyone,
We have very exciting news to share. MineVille is ready to release its first minigame: Impostor. We have been working really hard, defying what was previously thought to be impossible within the limitations of vanilla Minecraft, to create an experience that will differ from any other minigame you have played on Minecraft: Java Edition. Impostor is a Minecraft spin on the popular game Among Us. While it is designed to uphold the overall structure of the original game, it also introduces necessary changes to make the game more fun and suitable for Minecraft players.

Hop on PLAY.MINEVILLE.ORG on the latest version (you can choose to play with versions no lower than 1.14) and make sure to accept the resource pack. You will only have to download the resource pack once. You do not need any mods to play Impostor. Use the selector in the hub to join one of the Impostor lobbies.

When you join a game, you will be assigned one of two roles, Impostor or Crewmate. Crewmates have to complete the tasks they are assigned as fast as possible while the Impostor(s) try to sabotage the spaceship and kill them off without being detected. Crewmates are able to report dead bodies and initiate Emergency meetings when they think they have seen enough evidence against one of the players. Be cautioned that you will only be able to call 1 emergency meeting during a game (excluding meetings from reporting dead bodies).

There are currently 6 game types. 3 Public and 3 private. For the public games, there are games of 10, 7, and 5 players. If you are the leader of a party, your members will follow you to any public game you join.

To create a 10, 7, or 5 players private game, the party leader must be a VIP player and they have to click on the private NPCs themselves. A private lobby will be created and all party members will be sent there. No other players will be able to join.


Pre-game Lobby
You will have to wait in the pre-game lobby before the required minimum amount of players i met. Once there are enough players, a 30 seconds countdown will being for the game to start. In the pregame lobby you can choose a skin & color (VIP Perk), and choose a hat (VIP Perk), or return to lobby.

There are two chat channels: Alive and Dead. Dead players will be able to see each others' messages and the alive players' messages but the alive players will not be able to see the dead players' messages.



Each crewmate is given 1...

NEWS September 2020

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The vote leaderboard has now reset - Find vote links at https://mineville.org/vote/

Wossi1 - $25 Giftcard
Tylerl48 - $25 Giftcard
Angerfish - $25 Giftcard

Congratulations to the top voters! You will be receiving the giftcards in your /mail. /mail read on Fire Skyblock to find the code.

Congratulations to This Month's Staff of The Month Junior @ky1en and Senior @rayrayk00



@TheMelonAssassin - Asgard
Trial Helper:
@MygindPVP - Asgard
@Prim529 - Water


Fire Skyblock Island top :
1st: Cuties - Worth $20,642,565,500 - $100 PayPal
2nd: FireSkBlock - Worth $17,873,449,831 - $75 Giftcard
3rd: Yeet - Worth $7,803,373,550- $50 Giftcard

Congratulations! Island leaders please PM me on Discord to receive your coupon code. (Pinguino#2473)

Water payouts will be given to the top islands on October 19th (1 month after the initial release).

Current island top:
1st: Forums 462,570
2nd: Cuties 154,990
3rd: Virtualillusion 100,871

We will see if they retain their spots on the 19th!


Water Skyblock season 8! A new exciting skyblock season has been released. This season will last 3 months with awesome rewards for the leading islands! Your island has a chance to win money and giftcards by being istop 1, 2 or 3. (Total: $1,000 PayPal & $250 Giftcards) Our biggest payout yet! We are looking forward to a very fun and competitive season. Read everything about the new season here: https://mineville.org/threads/water-season-8.3904/

MineVille is fully running on 1.16! That means every realm has all the 1.16 features such as the updates nether, ancient debris, new mobs and netherite tools.


70% OFF in the store for a limited time only! Make sure you take advantage of it
before it ends!


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