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NEWS Water Season 9 & Legends System for Fire, Kingdom, & Water

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The isles and the generators look really cool
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Hello everyone,
In this post, I will be going over Water Season 9 & the new legends system which will be active on Fire, Kingdom & Water.

➥ Legends System
We have a new rewarding system for those who work hard to level up their islands & kingdoms. Every month, the top 5 islands & kingdoms that spend the most on island/kingdom levels will be rewarded with a +1 Legend Score. The leaders are the ones who will be receiving the rewards.

This replaces the old faulty payout system where the same top islands would win the rewards every month despite inactivity. It is also EULA compliant. A win-win!

How are the top 5 islands/kingdoms chosen?
The top 5 islands & kingdoms are chosen based on the amount of money spent on island/kingdom levels starting 00:01 AM on the first day of the month till 11:59PM on the last day of the month.

This means that simply being one of the top 5 islands/kingdoms on the all-time levels leaderboard doesn't necessarily qualify you for this. You have to be working hard every month in order to be a Legend.

The new leaderboards found at /top, /is top, or /k top has both the monthly & alltime leaderboards. The legends system is concerned with the monthly leaderboard and not the alltime one.

  • Earnings formula: 500 x (wins) Minebucks
    • This means that the first score increase will reward 500 minebucks. The second score increase will reward 1,000 minebucks. The 10th score increase will reward 5,000 minebucks and so on.
  • Exclusive chat prefix (legend score + trophy icon)
  • SOON: Exclusive website tag
  • SOON: Exclusive discord role
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For a complete list of the realm's legends you can execute the command /legends where you will find a detailed scorebreak down. In this screenshot below, PizzaMC's island "hey" was #1 for January 2021.
  • Legend score never resets, however, rewards will start back at 500 minebucks for new seasons.
  • Legends system will not go into effect on Asgard this season.
  • If a person is leader of 2 islands that place in the top 5, one of them is excluded. (Water)
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➥ Water Season 9
Water Skyblock Season 9 will begin on Saturday, January 9th, 4PM EST. This season will bring a much balanced economy, fair competition with the legends system, multitude of new features, and a lot of bug fixes. Season 9 will also be considerably longer than past seasons, as we move towards a more community-centered and non-OP gameplay that is more fun for everyone involved.

Water's revamp & reset assures that gameplay will be stable & balanced for a longer period than the past seasons and we will be heavily investing in ads soon after reset as we believe Fire, Water, & Kingdom are now in a very good place.

➥ Summary
  • You can now own up to 3 islands
  • Monthly legend system (Earn minebucks by being one of the top 5 islands to spend the most on island levels)
  • New economy variation (Hybrid of Kingdom & Current Water Season as per player feedback)
  • Isles
  • 2 New island worlds (Void End & Void Nether)
  • 20k x 20k nether
  • Furniture
  • Classes
  • Cobble Gen tiers
  • New Minions system
  • Gems currency
  • LPS event
We fix bugs within 48 hours of their reports, so please make sure that you report any bug/glitch/exploit that you find on discord or ingame through /smsg.

🎁Reply with which feature you are most excited about for a chance to be one of the 5 winners to get the POSEIDON rank

➥ Island System
Profile System
You can now own and be a member of up to 3 islands instead of 1! The addition of the profile system allows you to choose to switch between the islands you own/are a member of. Stats related to your island displayed on your profile card or /classes pertain to the island that is currently activated on your account. Coops are thus discontinued.

Multiworld Schematic System
There are 2 new schematics that will create islands in either a void nether world or a void end world. In both worlds, the overworld mechanics will be applied (all spawner mobs will still spawn in these new environments) & water will still be placeable in the nether.

View attachment 2582View attachment 2583

Other New Features:
  • Re-textured and re-designed the island dashboard system
  • Moved to a more challenging & balanced leveling system (no longer uses ore blocks & beacons can now be created)
  • Added monthly & alltime island leaderboard
  • Added island bank
  • Added island permissions
  • Added island chat titles (/is settitle)
  • Added island directory
  • Added island warps (new system allows for multiple warps, charging per warp, & custom warp icon)
  • Added island likes (new system incorporated into the main core)
  • Added island banner (/is setbanner)
  • Fixed kicking offline members not working
  • Changed island upgrades to use Gems
You can now list all online islands (islands with atleast 1 member online) by using /is list or /directory. The islands with the most likes will be in the beginning of the menu. Each island listed will have its own banner and description. You can set the banner by holding it in your hand and executing /is setbanner and you can set the description with /is setdesc <description> (only the leader can perform these commands). Clicking on an island in the directory will list its warps.

Other information will be included in the lore of each island including:
  • Bank balance
  • Leader & Co-Leader(s)
  • Team size
  • Radius
  • Warps Amount
  • Description
  • Likes
Leader Inactivity
If the leader of an island has been offline for 30 days, the highest ranking member will be made leader instead. For example, if an island has 2 coleaders, 2 mods, and 10 members, then the coleader who has been online most recently will be made leader.

➥ Economy
The economy will be similar to Fire's with a few notable exceptions:
  • Full mob stacks will die from lava/fall damage (will not drop cores or fragments)
  • You can have more than 1 type of spawner per chunk
  • Spawner fragments will be more easily obtainable
Spawner Cores & Fragments
You have to craft the spawners instaed of buying them from the shop. Each spawner requires 9 fragments + 1 core

For example, to craft a cow spawner, you will 9 spawner fragments and 1 cow spawner core. Fragments can be used for any spawner type, but the core is specialized and must pertain to the specific mob type.
  • Each spawner has a maximum of 50,000 spawns. After 50,000 mobs have spawned from a certain spawner, it will break and you will have to repair it using either money or minebucks.
  • To repair a spawner, you will have to click on it. A menu will open with the two repair options.
  • If you pick up a spawner (break it) after placing it down, it will save the amount of mobs spawned in the lore ("Spawns Left: 10,931").
➥ The Isles
Travel to the Isles to meet the most dangerous foes you have yet to face in Minecraft. Progress through five regions, slaying monsters and struggling to stay alive, to win exclusive rewards such as special armor items, spawner cores & fragments, tools, and gems. There is currently a total of 15 custom monsters, with a lot more to be added in the future along with new regions and rewards.

Regions in the order of which they will be unlocked: Tangleroots, Sandara, Icehaven, Relicrypts, & Burninglands

The monsters will drop:
  • Rare custom tools & armor
  • Black & White scrolls
  • Rename Scrolls
  • Magic Dust
  • Spawner fragments
  • Spawner cores
  • and more
A complete list of the monsters, their abilities, and their drops can be found in-game using /isles.

➥ Furniture
Furniture can be obtained from two ways: crates or ingame shop. Exclusive furniture will be sold in the promotional monthly crates. But don't worry, we are also providing a lot of furniture for the in-game shop and these can be purchased using Minebucks.

Any furniture bought/unlocked will be added to your personal storage which can be accessed with /furniture. To place furniture, navigate to the appropriate category and click on the desired item to select a color. You will then get the furniture item in your inventory. If you changed your mind, shift + click on the item to deposit it back into your storage. To place the furniture item, simply click on the block that you wish for it to spawn on. P.S, you can rotate furniture!

➥ Cobblestone Generators
We added 5 extra cobblestone generator tiers and re-balanced the percentages. Your island will automatically unlock a new tier based on its level. Each tier will spawn more valuable ores, generating more income.

Execute /gen ingame to check the percentages for each ore type. You can also access this menu through the /island dashboard.

➥ Classes
Classes are ingame ranks that require the player to complete various objectives in order to be unlocked. Ranking your class up will unlock access to spawner tiers, commands, radius boosts, and more.

To unlock classes you will need to have the required amount of Gems, Money, Playtime, and other tasks such as slaying certain monsters in the Isles, crafting x amount of spawners, killing x amount of players, etc.

Classes will increase your island radius. They will also unlock access to commands such as /hat and /seen as well as exclusive Happy Cow rewards.


➥ The Nether
Season 8 did not have a nether world, but in season 9, a fresh 20,000 x 20,000 nether world will be available on release. Simply build a nether portal on your island to teleport. PvP will be enabled in this world and be advised that any valuables kept in this world can be taken by other players who will face no punishment.

➥ Minions
We removed the Feeder minions. In order to keep your minions functioning, you will have to "feed" them with either money or minebucks. The three types of minions on sale will be:
  1. Collector Minion - Deposits all drops in its radius to a linked chest or sell chest
  2. Slayer Minion - Kills all nearby mobs & saves the XP (mobs killed by slayer minions will not drop fragments or cores)
  3. Miner Minion - Mines cobblestone generators and deposits the drops in a linked chest
  4. Farmer Minion - Harvests & replants crops automatically
  5. Lumberjack Minion - Chops down logs from trees automatically
➥ Last Player Standing & PvP
The pvp-based Last Player Standing event will be added to Water Season 9 with a few new features:
  • Border will shrink by 10 blocks every 15 seconds for a total of 10 times.
  • Action bar added with amount of alive players & border shrink countdown
  • Fixed instances where players would not be teleported to the arena upon joining & thus being invincible
Additionally, we have upgraded our combat systems to 1.16 which should fix hit registers and also allow you to utilize all the new combat mechanics introduced after 1.8. You will also now be able to use the off-hand, a feature which was disabled due to 1.8 pvp.

➥ Gems
Gems are a new secondary currency that is used on all realms (with separate balances). Gems can be earned from farming, killing mobs, playtime, and other sources. They can be used to upgrade your island, your class, or to trade with players. The full list of gem income sources:
  • Farming wheat, cocoa, melons, pumpkins, and sugar cane.
  • Killing mobs (iron golems, zoglins, piglins, creepers, skeletons, spiders, zombies, cows, sheep, spiders, chickens, etc)
  • Playtime
  • Daily Quests
  • Island Quests
  • Isle Monster Kills
➥ Other Bug Fixes
  • Fixed visitors being able to access barrels on islands
  • Fixed inability to kick offline coops or members
  • Fixed inability to interact with minecarts in own island
  • Fixed rename scroll & custom enchantments incompatibilities
  • Fixed coupons from the coupon lottery not working
  • Fixed daily quests not counting wheat broken correctly
  • Fixed players being invisible when they teleport to other worlds
See you on Water at 4PM EST on Saturday Jan 9th!
The new features look super cool!
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Excitiiiing, IGN: Lavendel
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