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NEWS Wardrobe & Patch Notes - February 2nd 2021


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Fish bowl that's all i can really say


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I love this update! I really enjoy the soda helmet because I want to be spongebob ty
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Hello everyone,
Today we released a very important update on the network: Wardrobe. This new system will replace the old /hats system and will introduce two new types of wearables: Back & Hand gear. Additionally, you will now be able to withdraw your wearables from the wardrobe and trade them with other players, physically (we advise the use of /trade for such transactions to avoid scammers). This update will allow us to sell more exclusive cosmetics which is important in our long-term goal of transitioning into a cosmetics-dominated monetization strategy, which should provide an even fairer gameplay experience to non-paying players than it already is.

Reply with your favorite hat from HERE for a chance to win that hat on the realm of your choice!
We transferred all of your unlocked hats to this new system. When you open /wardrobe for the first time, you will be notified with a title "Wardrobe / New Items".

In addition to ensuring a seamless transfer, we also went back and added specific information for each of the hats. The lore of each hat will now have
  1. It's source (which crate it was sold in or if it is available on the store)
  2. It's release date (the day on which this item was released on the server)
We feel these new pieces of information are crucial when players start trading their wardrobe items as it can help decide the rarity and thus the pricing.

To withdraw an item, simply Shift + Click on it and it will be moved to your inventory and locked in the wardrobe. You can then give this item to other players or deposit it back into your wardrobe by opening your inventory and clicking on it.

Again, we advise against trades done outside the /trade feature as it can be easy to fall victim to scammers.

Back Gear
This new type of wearable is ground-breaking to say the least. It opens the door to a wide variety of wearables that we never thought we could release before. We are kicking off the release with a line up of 8 cupid wings (available in the 2021 valentines crate) and 8 dragon tails (available on store).

For easy access to back gear, using the command /back (to use the old /back command, use /eback)

Hand Gear
This other new type of wearable is a nice addon that will allow for full-on costumes. We plan on releasing a full set of hand, back, and head gear with every new crate and on the store and we are sure that you will find them very aesthetically pleasing.

New Store Category
A big selection of head gear (hats) has been released on our store. Like crate gear, these will not be lost with resets as your wardrobe will always carry through to new seasons.

We will be adding many more head, hand, and back gear in the future so stay tuned!

Patch Notes
  • New kingdom spawn
  • New kingdom pvp arena
  • Redesigned NPCs globally
  • New animated Forger NPC
  • Fixed a bug with guardian cores & iron golem cores
  • Fixed typo for the claims item in /k
  • Fixed /vote on Kingdom
  • Fixed lag spikes caused by leaderboards (memory leak)
  • Totems of undying will no longer stack when bought from shop on Asgard
  • Added parkour course on Kingdom
  • Fixed instances of minebucks returning to balance after a few seconds of repairing a spawner
  • Fixed instances of repairing spawners taking more fragments than it should
  • Special new wearables will also be available through the isles and other features, different from the ones through the store/crates.
i love the toilet hat


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halo is aesthetic! IGN: vvyr


"Reply with your favorite hat from HERE for a chance to win that hat on the realm of your choice!"

So... Did anyone ever won this? Maybe I missed it in the discord's announcements so i thought i should ask.