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want to join a faction?join the starlight faction!


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this is basically a application to join my faction,if I personally think you could be in it without harming the faction then you will get in,but I would like to know your strengths and weaknesses,mentally and Minecraft skills too.
please type below if you want to join and tell me about yourself.

what my faction has right now:

2 automatic sugarcane farms.
a level 30 enchanting setup.
a wheat farm.
a sugarcane farm.
2 skeleton spawners
and the beginnings of a wall.

again if you would like to join please type stuff below,I would love to hear from you all! ?

ps:I'm a lot more likely to accept generally good and kind people.


A WHEAT FARM , oh boi I'm in


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I would love to join, I can be of great help :) I have a LOT of experience on Factions, but just joined this server so don’t have a faction. Thanks 💖