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Hello Village players,
It is time for Season 4. We are really happy with the state of the Village realm for Season 4 as we have been able to experiment with a new cannon jar that is by far exponentially better than jars used on previous seasons. The jar has been on Season 3 to test and patch bugs and it is ready for Season 4. The new season will release on Sunday Jan 12th 1PM EST

Season Info:

Duration: 20 days. 6 days Grace period. 14 days of raiding (2 weeks)
New Payout System: Payouts will now be paid on a weekly basis (first week and second week of raiding)
  • 1st Place: $250 PayPal - $125 Giftcard
  • 2nd Place: $150 PayPal - $75 Giftcard
  • 3rd Place: $100 PayPal - $25 Giftcard
** PAYPAL TOTAL: $1,000 **
** GIFTCARD TOTAL: $500 **

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed saving problems with the new /f top system (which prevents last-day sniping and introduces progressive spawner values)
  • Fixed Wither players getting the Phantom HP Stick
  • Fixed Faction Alts being able to kill mobs
  • Fixed TNT/cannon lag
  • Fixed Printer Mode dupe & increased printing speed
  • Fixed spawners being lost if you buy with full inventory
  • Fixed creeper drops
  • Fixed potions stacking when bought from shop
  • Fixed spawners not blowing up if watered
  • Fixed claiming in a radius crashing the server. Exponentially increased claiming speed
  • Fixed being able to guard spawners with water
  • Added Harvester Hoes to the store
  • Added 5x5 Universal Trench Tool to the store
  • Added a 7x7 Trench Pickaxe to the store
  • Added Jelly Legs perk to the store
  • Added /f perms
  • Added Faction bank (/f bank deposit and /f bank withdraw)
  • Added ability to deposit TNT into your Faction's TNT bank from any placed chests on your faction's land. /f tnt deposit #radius #amount
  • Added /f upgrades (Contains crops, exp and spawner boosters)

  • Added /f logs (or /f audit)

  • Enabled /fly in Wilderness (unless enemies are nearby)
  • Added Wool to shop
  • Removed Apples from shop
  • Added force invites (unlimited invites during grace then a limit of 5 invites per day)
Season Vault:
The season vault has been open for the past week, feel free to vault any item that has the lore "Season Vault Access" by executing the command /resetvault.

The current realm will go down on 8PM EST Saturday 1/11/2020 so make sure to vault items before then.

FTOP Season 3:


See you on Season 4!
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Thanks for the reset, factions have become a better place!