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NEWS Village Factions Announcement


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Greetings everyone,
We are excited to announce the planned release of Village Factions. on Sunday June 16th, 1 PM EST. Village Factions is going to be a pvp-focused Factions realm that runs on 1.8.8 and allows all versions to join. We are also going to be having a big cash prize pool (paid out through PayPal) for the top Factions on a bi-weekly basis.

  • Extensive races system. You will get to choose from three races upon joining for the first time. Each race will unlock permanent unique perks and you will be able to rankup through five ranks for the race you chose. Each rank will require different stats and not just money or kills. We will release a detailed document with all information regarding each of the three races and their 5 rankups.


  • Factions TNT bank and TNT fill features
  • Crates: Economy, Legendary, Perks, & Vote
  • Ranks: Ghast, Guardian, Phantom, Wither, & Dragon
  • Maximum of 30 players per faction.
  • 50 max player power and 10 starting power.
  • Maximum of 5 alts allowed per player.
  • Balanced economy

  • /Factions top which will showcase the total worth of each of the top 10 factions and how many spawners they have (including the type of spawners)

  • Different types of Genbuckets
  • Different types of unique & exclusive tools such as Sand Tool
  • Optimized TNT and 1.7 cannoning
  • 1.8 PvP
  • Two KoTHs and a PvP Arena
  • Flattened warzone outside of spawn
  • PvP Rewards
  • Daily Rewards & Premium Daily Rewards for races' ranks
  • Mob & Spawner stacking
  • Trench tools & Sell Chests
  • Custom Enchantments
  • 400 Hoppers limit per faction
  • mcMMO, Minecoins, & Minelevel
  • No quests or quests shop
  • and way more..
Now that you have an idea regarding the new Village realm, we expect you to join us on dicord at https://discord.mineville.org and follow all the latest news and updates regarding the realm. We will be posting frequent updates. Make sure you keep an eye out for the release date on Discord and on this thread; it is coming very soon!

Some more stuff we are working on for the summer:
  1. Very heavy optimizations for both Kingdom & Space. 1.13.2 is a very bad version in regards to performance and we will be patching it ourseleves for the network. This will take time but we plan on releasing this big performance update very soon
  2. Optimizations for Water realm and its update to 1.13.2 with 1.13.2 blocks and shop (without a reset)
  3. Exclusive crates throughout the latter part of June & the whole of July
See you on MineVille,


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GWrath .. hypeeee


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Exciting stuff! Looking forward to it. IGN: fanasey


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Really excited for this!


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IGN: Delaminer
This new game mode is going to be awesome!