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TheMelonAssassin's Helper Application

User name: TheMelonAssassin

What is your username? TheMelonAssassin

What is your discord username? TheMelonAssassin#2797

What is your first name? Lander

How old are you? I am 19 years of age.

What time zone do you live in? UTC + 1 (+ 2 during the summer)

Which realm are you applying for?
Asgard Prison

Have you created any previous applications, if so please link them here?
Yes, this is my second time applying after waiting one month.

Why do you want to become a staff member on Mineville and what makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants?
First of all, I would like to become a staff member on MineVille because I want to be able to keep it a safe and peaceful place to have fun and pleasant experience in. These experiences are ruined by people being harsh to others, swear, spam the chat, even hack or harass others. I want everyone to have an enjoyable time and I would love to take a role in trying to keep it pleasant for everyone. Currently I have almost 22 days of total playing time and these days are filled with helping out new and veteran players, looking for bugs, and overall trying to give everyone a nice stay on Asgard.

I dedicate most of my time to Asgard and Mineville because I love the twist it gives to a normal Prison experience. I have fallen in love with the community and strive to be as active and positive in it as possible. When I log on and get greeted it reminds me of why I keep coming back and gives me the boost to keep contributing to the server by being active in chat, helping people, answering questions, showing new players around, referring to the guides on the forums, finding bugs and having fun whilst playing.

I do realise that Asgard already has a big staff team with great and dedicated people who try to monitor the server all the time, especially with recent additions making the server watched more during the night (in EST). Despite this being true, I think I can help overcome the gaps where there is no other staff member online, sometimes not even on other realms. Given how the team on Asgard consist of mostly Americans, there is a small space from 5AM EST to 1PM EST where the server is unwatched and I think I can fill in that space just perfectly, as I do tend to be online in that time frame. I want to ensure that Asgard is a peaceful and enjoyable place 24/7 and I’d like to contribute 100% to that cause. I can shift my online hours around to make it fit the best it can for the needs of Mineville if it were to be needed or asked.

I am set apart from other applications for two reasons I already mentioned being my dedication to the community and server and availability. I want to point out three more things that make me stand out from other applicants. The first one being my knowledge of five languages I speak fluently being German, English, Dutch, French and Spanish. I do have a decent knowledge in Greek and Italian but might need to look some words up if they do appear in chat. The second thing I like to point out are my communication skills, I have had multiple courses and extracurricular activities on how to communicate with kids, youth and elder people. Also past job experience with youth and kids make it so that I can communicate and help them out quite good. I am very patience and will try to resolve any conflict in chat or on discord by staying calm and positive. The last thing I’d like to add here is my flexibility. I am willing to shift my hours around like I stated before, or come online whenever it should be needed. I check discord almost every hour allowing me to be quick at responding questions. Next to that I will always be able to hop on Minechat or discord via mobile if that should be needed.

How many hours a day can you dedicate to Mineville?
Right now because of the general lockdown I can dedicate a lot of time on the server, upwards to 10 hours. When this crisis ends I will be able to contribute 5-6 hours a day playing, but this depends on how is university is organized. Some days it might be more, some days it might be less. I can guarantee that I will be online daily. However as stated before, I am able to shift around my hours or come online if it were to be needed.

I now have received my schedule for finals and the deadline for my essay. My exams got shifted to next week instead of next month. This means that I am not able to contribute as much time as I would like to for the coming month. Depending on the subject the final is about I can contribute anywhere between 1-4 hours on the server per day. I will be able to hop on everytime this should be needed and I will monitor chat the best I can.

How long have you been playing on Mineville?
I have been playing on MineVille for over one month.

Have you ever been banned or punished on our server or any of our other platforms? (Describe the situation/s)
No I have not been punished or banned.

Do you have any past experience of being a staff member?
I have been a moderator on a server 4 years ago. It was a recreation of a famous Dutch amusement park called Efteling and gathered around 50-100 players each day. The server closed down 2 years later due to lack of funding. After that I had some minor roles on servers, but they are not worth it to mention here.

Are you able to use some form of recording software?
I have OBS installed and set up. I can also use my default record system by pressing Windows + R.

SCENARIO ONE: You are unsure of how to punish a player or simply just don't have the power for the proper punishment. What do you do?
I would make a recording of the player breaking the rules and try to find my answer in the server rules. If I can’t find it there I’d take the problem higher up and ask for their help or even passing the manner to them. I will make sure to not forget the correct punishment afterwards. When I don’t have the power to punish the player myself I will contact a higher up staff member and provide them with proof.

SCENARIO TWO: You ban a player and them and their friends start messaging you calling you a bad staff member and telling you that you should unban them. What do you do?
Clear communication is the key in this problem. I would try to talk to the friends and explain why I banned the player, it is necessary for them to know that I was fair, following the rules and doing my job. I would kindly provide them with the details of the offence and the link with proof. I will calmly provide extra detail to why they were banned and how to avoid it in the future. After this I would refer to the ban appeal system if they think it was an unfair ban. I would also point out the possibility of reporting a staff member on the forums if they think I acted wrong or abused my powers. If they keep on going, I would give them the correct punishment for harassment of a staff member and provide evidence for the offence.

Are you aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic rejection of this application?
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One of the nicest and most helpful people on Asgard Prison. Always helping in chat in any and every way possible and I can tell first hand that the beginner guide Melon has created has helped a number of new players, not only find their feet on Asgard, but help to keep those into becoming long term and loyal players. If anyone deserves this, Melon does. Massive +1


Very nicely written, you are always a huge help to people around the server when you are online, answering everyones questions and generally just being a pleasure to play with. I hope you get it, you have my vote <3


Trial Helper
Trial Helper
This application has been very well though out and written!! It looks great and I wish you the best of luck!


This is a really well-written application from a player who is not only extremely helpful but also very knowledgeable of the realm. He goes above and beyond to help others and is the only player I've known to go to such an extent to help others. He would make great staff and has a +1 From me.


+1 Very well written and lots of detail, from what I have seen you are a very helpful and nice member of the Mineville community, I believe you would be a amazing addition to the staff team.
Best of luck!
Hello TheMelonAssassin,

your application looks amazing! Very well written and clean. I think you would be a great staff member +1 from me!

Good Luck!
Hello TheMelonAssassin,

your application looks amazing! Very well written and clean. I think you would be a great staff member +1 from me!

Good Luck!
Hi there! Thanks a lot for the +1 and nice words!

Best of luck to you aswell!
I have updated my application after receiving my schedule for my finals at university.


Extremely well written application! :) One of the most helpful players on Asgard!

+1 from me, best of luck!


Very well written application! i see you on alot and you are always helping players whenever they need it.

Best of luck,


Great application. You have been very helpful and active in chat. I wish you the best of luck on getting staff.