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Takiyo Appreciation Post


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Hello everyone, I am making this post to applaud the work of Takiyo, a member of your staff team. I had an issue on survival where me and my cousin's shulker boxes were stolen, which contained over 5mill worth of items that we worked hard for. As soon as we noticed, we messaged Takiyo and got a quick response. He was able to track down the people who stole the shulkers and punish them accordingly very diligently. He was very helpful to us and saved us from having to grind for days or just straight up quitting the server. He made us feel a sense of justice and actually we feel even more motivated to play now since we were able to get our items back. I will definitely continue to play this server just because of the very reliable and kind staff team.

I think Takiyo deserves a promotion ;) If Takiyo has helped any of y'all, please share your stories below about how much he's helped you :D I'm sure he would love to see them :D


Thank you very much! I'm always happy to help ❤


yes i agree takiyo is an awesome mod! no matter what beef i got with people on skyblock, I respect the staff team on this server to the fullest extent.