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So, it is no wonder to only me, but to all the players which currently play on Hell, that it could need a little more love.
That is why i decided to make this list, to not only be a voice to those players, but to have a clean and nice list about everything, if it happens to get implied and/or fixed i will update this list ASAP. If you deny these suggestions i will remove them as well.

This list will contain:
Suggestions in general.
Bug reports in general.
Suggestions about enchants / Balancing ideas for enchants.
Bug reports about enchants.


1. Add a competitive playstyle.
This could be done by:
Adding bosses which really are bosses, and cannot be 1 shot like the Vex's , the Hell Spider's and the Lava cube's.
Suggestion about Bosses: Make an Arena, where PvP is on, and make it like an Event which happens twice a day.
These Bosses give a crate key, which is special to those bosses, each boss gets their own crate key. Those crates give tiered armor, which on tier 1 already is slightly better than the best Vanilla enchanted armor, but has no custom enchants yet.

2.Add a GUI which allows players to see for how much each item gets sold for, and just in general which items can be sold to the server.

3.Add the function [Item] to show other players what you got.

4.A Redstone section for the /shop.

5.Disable fly when in combat.

6.A Level ranking so it is possible to see who reached the highest level first/second/third and so on.

7.Buff the levels a tiny bit.
This could be done by:
Adding MCMMO credits as daily rewards for levels e.g.(Level 1 -> 3 daily, levels 2 -> 7 daily, level 3 -> 15 daily.)

8.Keep some Cosmetics in the nether, such as Arrow, because if i fly around there searching for zombie pigmen to kill, i wanna look fancy whilst doing so.

9.Server difficulty on Hard since it is "Hell survival" and feels a little too easy for that name.

10. A status for chests which allow them to be put on auto sell and get the money for that but not having to look into it 100 times and do /sell hand.

Bug Reports:
This list will sum up all bugs that i encountered until now, which have not been fixed yet.

1. The settings of /lands , a lot of them are not permitted to be used by players, despite their need in everyday life.
This contains:
a) Entity griefing.
b) The advanced role settings for member: Teleport to land spawn / set landspawn / claim land / rename land
c) The advanced role settings for visitor: Teleport to land spawn
d) The advanced role settings for Admin: Teleport to land spawn
e) /lands chat does not work.
d) You cannot change the Land which is shown in front of your name ( i know this is not a bug but i wanted to bring this up.)

2. If you warp the command /back does not take you to your latest location. Same happens with /marry tp.

3. If you try making dispensers, it shows you the recipe for droppers, and you have to add the bow yourself.

4. The chat game often does not give out rewards.

5. You seem to spawn 3 blocks up in the air if you got the Fly from voting.

Suggestions about Enchants / Balancing ideas for Enchants:
The situation about the custom enchants is just as chaotic as with the server in general, this can be changed by doing following things:

1. Add a new tier of Enchants, which would be called Vanilla+ which could get you following enchants:
a) Sharpness + (Has 5 tiers and allows players to get Sharpness 10)
b) Protection + (Has 4 tiers and allows players to get Protection 8)
c) Power + (Has 5 tiers and allows players to get Power 10)
d) Efficiency + (Has 5 tiers and allows players to get Efficiency 10)
e) Unbreaking + ( Has 7 tiers and allows players to get Unbreaking 10)
f) Looting + (Has 2 tiers which allows players to get Looting 5)
g) Fire Aspect + (Has 3 tiers and allows players to get Fire Aspect 5)
h) Mending / Infinity (Allows players to put both on a Bow since they cannot be due to Minecraft)

2. Put some enchants in other sections.
a) Aquatic and Glowing and Flame Guard do way to much to be Common, they should be Heroic.
b) Implants should be nerfed, Implants 2 should be max with the addition that it is a Legendary instead of common.
c) Gears 3 should be a Rare enchant.
d) Oxygenate should become a Common enchant, adding different levels to it(Scales up to 5, 5= 5 oxygen bubbles regen by breaking a block.
e) Make Hardened legendary and give it 10 levels just as Reforged.

3. Add a function to remove single enchants from an Item without having to bet on luck and a few dollars, this would however not give the enchant back.

4. Add an enchant which denies positive effect on a target, which denies any implants or any sort of that.

5. Remove the shards cost from Heroic books and / or reduce them.

Bug reports about Enchants.
This is a list so you can see all the bugs that i have found about Custom Enchants.

1. Snare does not seem to work and / or has the wrong description.

2. Farcast seems to not work either and / or has the wrong description as well.

3. Inquisitive and Master Inquisitive seem to not be working as well.

4. Freeze has most likely the wrong description.

5. Rage does not seem to work.

6. Shackle is listed, but can't be found anywhere (Rare enchant.)

7. Telepathy is listed under legendary and under Heroic.

8. The Magic dusts have a rarity which is not shown, so magic dusts you got from common just go on common
and so on.

9. If you mine something with Telepathy in the /mines you apparently get the block.

10. You cannot put Reforged on bows.

11. Telepathy does not give you the blocks you mine.

12. Viper does not seem to work.
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Also, I think that players should be able to equip the Slayer and Fisher minions with any type of Sword / Fishing rod.

Another perk for donators could be the ability to use /anvil to open a GUI allowing infinite use of an anvil