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DENIED staff application


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Username (ign):
My Minecraft ign is ahbuji

My discord is ahbuji#8273

I'm at the age of 13 turning 14 on February 25th. This year I am in year 9. I understand that I am not within the age requirements, though I believe my age will not have any defects in my role of being a moderator as I have shared the same education as a 15 year old. My grammar is not lacking so that will not be a problem.

My Timezone:
As i live in Australia, my timezone is (AEDT)

Why I Want To Become A Mod:
I aspire to become a mod as It seems fun and its an easy time waster, I would really like to make some new friends along the way as well. I believe I can deliver new ideas to the server and maintain a fun and friendly environment for everyone including newcomers and players that have been here for a long time. For the amount of time that I have been playing, I've noticed a lot of things that would truly improve the water realm.

How much time I can dedicate:
As I am in year 9 this year, I really would like to dedicate most of my time on the weekdays to study. Though this does not mean I will slack on my hours. Every week I will dedicate around 7-9 hours to the server, possibly more. As of today, my current play time is 31 hours.

Main Realm:
I mainly play on Water Skyblock to 6 other friends I have advertised this server to on discord.

*How Long I've Been Playing Mineville:*
I have been playing Mineville for the past two weeks, and I genuinely love the server.

My Staff Experience:
I am aware of this job as a mod and confident I can learn new methods and understand how to handle it carefully. I have some experience with moderating as I am friends with a few other mods from another server. They talk to me about what they have to do and how to handle certain situations.

Filming Software:
When I was 11 or so, I used OBS studio to screen record some videos with a few other people on a game. I still remember how to use it and can easily upload it to discord.

I can assure you that none of this information on my application is false and I to stick true to my word.

sincerely, ahbuji

(Apologies, I couldn't fit in 400 words, i tried my hardest and got 386 words)
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Hello player,

Thank you for applying. Unfortunately, your application has been denied due to:
  • Lack of details
You can apply again in 1 week. To find out what to do better next time, please refer to the information thread.

Best regards,
The Mineville Management Team