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DENIED Staff Application

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Привет,
I would like to apply for a staff on Mineville. My username is 'AustinM2132' and my discord username is 'Crunch'. My first name is Timothy and I am 15 years old (16 in about a month) and am a sophomore in highschool. I am in AP Chemistry, which is a college level class, so I would have no issues with responsibility. I am also fortunate enough to be in an Honors English class, so I have a very good understanding of the language I speak everyday. Not only that, but I also take french which means if there is someone on the server who needs help and does not speak english but speaks French, I will be able to help. I am also in Boy Scouts and have reached the rank of Eagle (which is the highest rank in BSA) and am staffing at a summer camp this summer. This will not only allow me experience in the field of responsibility but also with dealing with disrespectful or difficult players on the server (as an older scout I have to deal with younger and difficult scouts all the time). I am currently on the West Coast so my timezone is PST.

I want to become staff because I feel like I could help people on the server that have questions or need help. As a semi-new player, I see people asking questions all the time, which make it more difficult for the staff to answer when there are more people asking questions. I would very much like to help with that. With my current schedule, I can dedicate around 2-3 hours per day to Mineville, somedays even more, so around 15-20 per week. I mainly play on Hell Survival because I enjoy the classic survivalist experience with Minecraft. I have not been playing Mineville for long however, as I just recently repaired my computer and bought Minecraft for java.

I do have some past experience being a member of staff on a mobile server on the server known as 'LifeBoat' also as a staff member last year at a Boy Scout Camp known as 'Camp Parsons' and am going to be staffing this year and teaching a merit badge for younger scouts. I also am able to use a form of recording software as my computer came with some, as well as a software I have downloaded. I have read the application in full and yes, am aware that if any info found to be false will result in an immediate rejection of my application.

Thank You for your time, consideration, and your respect. Have a great day!
-AustinM2132 (Timothy)

P.S. - because of AP Chemistry, I've learned good time management skills.
P.P.S. - There is also a problem with my account because I cannot change my skin
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Hello player,

Thank you for applying. Unfortunately, your application has been denied due to:
  • Missed a few questions
You can apply again in 1 week. To find out what to do better next time, please refer to the information thread.

Best regards,
The Mineville Management Team