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Space Survival Handbook [WIP]


Hello. This post will become a living guide for player new to the Space sub-server of Mineville. I will do my best to update as I learn and keep the guide comprehensive and knowledgeable. Enjoy!

A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.
Important Links!

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First Steps!
So you've taken your fist steps in the Space Survival world? Feeling overwhelmed? Not to fear, the spawn area has some great information just for you! Take a look around.
Some early commands to remember will be:
/rtp or /wild - These two commands wild place you randomly in the wild.
/kit - Get free stuff! Kits are great ways to get started and reset at timed intervals. So check this one often to see if you have a kit to redeem!
/dailyrewards - You get rewarded just for being on every day and for achieving certain in-game ranks.
/jobs - Don't be a bum, get a job and make money today!
/quests - The server offers several different types of quests, two daily and one weekly, that will reward players for completing the assigned tasks!

Now lets get you out and building. First you need to head out into the wild with /rtp. Be careful, as you will be vulnerable to attack and that may not change even if you do have a safe place to build. Which is my next point. Clans are the best way to make friends and create a safe have for building. Join one or create your own!

/c create [name] - This will create a clan with the specified name.

So now you have a clan, lets learn how to further protect your stuff! This server utilizes a block locking system that is private to just the player. Simply place a sign on the chest or door you wish to lock and you'll have your very own private house or chest, that only you have access too!

Congratulations, you've survived long enough to make it too the next level!

6/4/19 - Creation of guide
6/5/19 - Changelog introduced
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