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Some skyblock ideas


I mostly play on skyblock and I absolutely adore it, As of playing this new season I have a few ideas to help improve the realm and make it a better playing environment. This is just a list of brainstormed ideas to be looked over.

  • Make the tick speed faster, now I'm not saying make it speedy but maybe just a hair faster.
  • Lower spawner prices to the price of last season, Iron golem spawners especially.
-Increase the price of mob drops, not all of them but rotten flesh, for example, is really low priced.
  • Overall balance the economy better
  • Remove world edit, it is a bit overpowered in my opinion.
Thank you in advance for reading!


Water Poseidon
your skyblock ideas are bad
world edit is limited to not even 5% of it`s full potential


I absolutely think the economy needs to be improved a bit, but it's super hard to balance it out. People with real money they're willing to spend on mc will always do better, but it seems that this season there is even more of a gap between those who pay and those who can't afford it. I'll give my thoughts on each of your points ^^

  • Don't really have an opinion on the tick speed, it doesn't bother me! But I would be interested to see what others think.
  • I think lowering the spawner prices would be good, especially as starter farms (such as Cactus) have lowered too. Its really hard to get to a sustainable level at all, let alone compete with those who can spend lots of real money in-game. It can't be too low though, so maybe the prices could be met halfway? eg. 6m for an ig spawner?
  • I think certain mob drops could absolutely have their prices increased, but if so, the spawner prices may need to be increased too.
  • At this rate, it seems that spawner rates are too high and drop rates are too low, which is making it really hard to maintain a personal economy. That being said, I only joined halfway through last season, so this is my first time starting a season fresh with everyone else. Last season I earnt most of my income by afking for people, and I honestly don't know if that's good or bad. It was an easy way to make money, but it was the only way to even have a chance at competing with those higher up.
  • Only thing I disagree with, as worldedit is incredibly limited on SkyBlock! 0: It's only really good for removing things or making walls/ceilings I believe, copy, paste, etc are disabled. Plus, it does cost a bit to get it, so i suppose for those who need it, its worth it.
Overall, I feel this server is a bit too pay-to-win at the moment. I do understand though, you need money to run a server like this, but it does feel a little unbalanced. No shame to those who can afford to spend real money on the server though! I just understand that there are a lot of people (particularly younger players) who can't afford it.

Also for anyone reading this - please note, I am not criticising the server! I love it dearly and absolutely respect all those in charge, I'm just sharing my thoughts!