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Should PvP be disabled/confined? Or should Keep Inventory be on? I think yes, and here is why.


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TL;DR at the bottom

Note: This is my oppinion you are about to read, so of course, feel free to disagree, however, I do ask that we keep things civil and constructive. Thanks.

I took my time to cooldown before writing this, I hope I don't come up as biased.

There was quite an event today in Kingodms, two players (there is no need to name them, since what they did is technically within the rules) camped a public and famous XP farm.

Their MO was as follow: they warped there with an empty inventory and no weapons, and proceeded to attack players with their hands. Should the player defend, and eventually kill any of them, they used the /back command over and over, until they killed their target, took their stuff and warped out.

Some players were full victims, having all their stuff stolen and secured by these... thieves... until enough uproar was caused that a couple of EndGame players, strong enough to take a constant onslaught, took upon their hands to lock the warp and defend the little guys.

The two thieves kept warping /back over and over, and even managed to kill the strong players a couple of times, yet, I believe the were unable to keep stealing, since they were slain before they were able to TP out.

This kept going for a good while, until finally a Helper was summoned to put an end to it, the thieves were kicked, just to return and keep attacking withing seconds, and kicked again, and again. Please note the severity of the issue, that a Helper had to be pinged via Discord to help out and put a stop to this

Even after the whole issue stopped, the players boasted about how many itemps, potions and durability they had made the stronger ones use, generally adding insult to injury.

I believe that, even when they weren't breaking any rules (the warp was public) behaviour like this diminishes the enjoyment of the server, and so some meassures should be taken.

On a personal note, I lost nothing of much value, just Vanilla stuff, though with some good enchants on it... but I keep thinking, what if I have had a paid item with me? Or keys? Or anything that took me days and months of griding or real money to get?

Of course, some might argue that it adds to the excitement, the danger, of the game, and I'm completely fine with that. We all look for diferent stuff in different MC servers. This is just me, trying to change the server for what I think is better. But will I forever have to use low tier weapons and tools when I leave my base, because I might become a target? That is not something I look forward to.

So, what solutions do I propose?

Plan A:
Disable PvP Globally, except in certain arenas.
This takes care of most of the issues, players who wish to engage in PvP can go to the arenas or designated areas and practice what they like. On the other hand, players who do not want to participate in PvP will be protected from thieves. and enjoy a PvE experience

Plan B: Enable Keep Inventory
This a more wholesome fix, since it will completely protect the player from any type of item loss. From human mistakes, to mobs, to thieves.
However, I understand that this might affect the monetization system of the server, since some items will become eternal, eventually leading to less sales.

Personally, I think Plan B is the best, and to shift monetization to other areas, like perks, QoL improvements, cosmetics and the like. But I would understand if the owners do not like that plan.

So, what do you guys think? Are things just fine the way they are? Should the rules be modified? Should some sort of player protection exist? (either disabling PvP or Keep Inventory or any other form)

Thanks for your time reading this, and lets hope the server turns into a better place


-Two thieves camped a public farm spot, stole items from various players, it was a very displeasant experience for most of the server.
-High end players had to step up to stop them, until a Helper arrived
-Some measures should be taken to prevent this from happening again


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So you think that Kingdom should be non-pvp with keep-inventory while Space remains with pvp no keep inventory?


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I am afraid I cannot answer that question, because I do not play in Space. I don't know how that would affect them. However, having a PvP server and a non PvP server seems like a very good idea. That way players can choose what they like, knowing the risks and benefits of each place.

My main concern is that without some sort of protection, endgame items, items that take a long time to grind and paid items can be stolen. I believe that can hurt the player experience in the long run.

I also know that monetization is important to keep in mind, but I am not well versed on the subject. On one hand, losing paid items might lead to people buying them again, thus increasing income. On the other hand, it might lead to people quitting the server, or not even deciding to buy them in the 1st place.

Overall, as a player, the events that happened today were quite upsetting, I've been in this server for a very short time, but I can see that you guys care for your players. So this is my way to help, and rise awareness of something that might cause trouble in the near future, and that already caused a bad day for the players involved.
I can see where you are coming from and the way this situation went down could've been avoided on our part, however I don't think just because of this scuffle that PVP should be disabled as several people enjoy the freedom of pvp you get on this server.


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I can see where you are coming from and the way this situation went down could've been avoided on our part, however I don't think just because of this scuffle that PVP should be disabled as several people enjoy the freedom of pvp you get on this server.
camping new players at xp warps is not "a scuffle". don't play like a morally bankrupt dbag and you wont get treated like one


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The thing is, as long as /back can be abused to camp a player, it's a constant loss to the server as a whole.

You just need a buddy and finding a target. One locks him, the other keeps doing /back. The target will never be able to warp out, and no matter how many times he kills the thieves, they will win in the end, simply because you can not escape.

If you are unlucky to be alone, your stuff will be stolen. If you can summon someone to help you right away, then the whole incident will repeat itself, strong players fighting a team of /back players until a helper/mod intervenes. (I cannot stress this enough, that the incident kept going until staff had to intervene)

It's broken.
No matter how you see it, no matter if it's "fun" to PvP, it's simply an abuse of the system that leaves all players, no matter how strong they are, vulnerable to theft.

One thing is to spar, to PvP in equal conditions, another thing is to be mugged. In the current system, thieves have all the advantages. Victims have none. It's actually better to steal stuff than to try to earn it.

Let me repeat that: stealing stuff is better than earning it.

This is my last reply to this thread, I quit the server already, I had a bit of fun till all this thing happened.

It has potential to be a very fun server, if the mugging is fixed.

And my last idea: Disable inventory drop on PvP death. That fixes it. PvPers still get the XP reward, but no items. You get TPed to spawn, and can go back to your base, or even warp back and try to get revenge. Durability loss and item use will still count against you, but at least you won't lose your hard earned items.

I don't know if that's feasable (no idea if there is an option to disable item drops while the PvP timer is on), but that would fix the mugging

And thus, I say goodbye.


I think a better solution could be proposed by reducing the combat log timer, 30 seconds is too long, as a slain enemy has enough time to respawn and tp right back. On another note, if slain players keep their combat logged status after death, they cannot abuse the respawn timers and /back to brute-force their way to killing the enemy. However, that solution is a double-edged sword as if the victim was killed, he cannot return to fetch his items before the killer takes it and leaves.


In my opinion on this even if it's 13 days old. The problem with one faction if they're ever in a warp and you're allied with them they unally your kingdom/faction and try to kill you then make excuses if you escape.


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Most servers only have /back available to donors.


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I don't play kingdom, but pvp makes things more fun. Unfortunately I do agree with keep inventory for some reasons. First off people could have bought something - and someone could kill them whilst holding the item, 2 It will make their day worse. That is my opinion.

(On any circumstances I don't know if I am right)