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IMPORTANT Server Rules

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Network Manager
The following activities are prohibited on Mineville:

Automatic punishment system
(2 Warnings -> Kick -> 24 Ban)
If you receive 3 Warnings within 7 days, you will be automatically kicked. Your 4th warning will result in a 24 ban. Ban lengths will continue to increase. All warnings are removed after 7 days.

Spam/Command Spam (Warning -> 15m Mute -> 30m Mute -> 3h Mute)
Repeating the same phrase or commands (such as /afk) multiple times.

Persistently speaking a foreign language (Warning -> 5m mute -> 10m mute -> 1d ban -> Permanent mute)
Speaking a foreign language in public chats.

Inappropriate language (Warning -> 5m Mute -> 10m Mute -> 30m Mute -> 1h Mute -> 5h Mute)
Swearing or making sexual comments and phrases.

Harassment/Major Disrespect/Racism and more (1h Mute -> 7d Ban -> 30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
This includes any type of discrimination or harassment. This also includes excessive swearing (using 3-4 or more swear words in one sentence for no particular reason or directed at a certain person or group.)

Death, DDos, Dox, and SWAT Threats (30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Anything containing a direct serious threat to someone’s safety, wellbeing or privacy can be classified as death / ddos / dox / swat threats.

Impersonation (Warning -> 1h Mute -> 7d Ban)
When a player is attempting to impersonate another player or a staff member through /nick or any other method.

Blatant Advertising (Permanent Ban)
Blatant advertisement is when a player is advertising IP’s to the server / spamming the IP’s to a server.

Unintentional Advertising (30m Mute -> Permanent ban)
Unintentional advertising is when a player ask another player to for example come to another server or when a player mentions other server names in chat.

Social Media Advertisement (Warning -> 1h Mute -> 6h Mute)
This is when a player without permissions is advertising any form of personal social media.

Hackusating (Warning -> 30m Mute -> 3h Mute)
This is when a player is accusing another player of hacking in public chat instead of reporting it.

Inappropriate Name (Permanent ban until changed)
Having a name that does not follow one or more of our rules, such as swearing. [Appeal when changed to be unbanned]

Inappropriate Skin (Permanent ban until changed)
Having a skin that’s breaking our rules such as skins that feature nudity or offensive language. [Appeal when changed to be unbanned]

Inappropriate Links (1d Ban -> 7d Ban)
Inappropriate links are links to any NSFW sites or content.

Inappropriate Builds (1d Ban -> 7d Ban -> 30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Inappropriate builds such as racist symbols or other nsfw content.

Third Party Trades (7d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Offering or trading or requesting any items outside of Mineville (CSGO Skins, Optifine cape, ect.) or IRL money for a service in game.

Hacked Client/Disallowed Modifications (14d Ban -> 30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Make sure to check out the thread on the forums about Allowed and Disallowed Mods. Macros and Scripts fall under the next rule.

Macro Mining (Kick -> 3d Ban -> 14d Ban)
Having and using a script that executes commands for you, such as /warp, with the press of a button is allowed. However, anything that loops commands for you without having to do something or loops an action, like mining, is not allowed.

Exploiting (7d Ban -> 30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Using a bug to for example duplicate gear/items, anything that would give you an unfair advantage, is considered exploiting. If you stumble upon something that you think is an exploit, contact an administrator so it can be fixed as soon as possible.

Tp Trapping/Tp Killing (1h Ban -> 3d Ban)
When a player sends or is sent a teleport request with the purpose to trap or kill in any way. This only applies to teleport requests.

(If you're hesitant about a teleport, make sure you capture your game. This way, if they do trap or kill you we can help you out.)

Griefing (3d Ban -> 7d Ban)
Destroying protected islands or stealing items from protect islands on Skyblock or destroying blocks / stealing items inside of claimed chunks. (If you have visitor access enabled it is at your own risk and won't count towards griefing and will therefore not be punishable)

Scamming (3h Ban -> 1d Ban -> 7d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Making any sort of trade where one person doesn’t give the promised item/service etc.

Chargeback (Permanent Ban)
Forcefully refunding a purchase on the Mineville store.

Ban Evading (Twice the length of the original ban -> Ip Ban)
Logging in on any of Mineville's servers using an alt when your main (or other) account has been banned.

Mute Evading (IP Mute (twice the length of the original mute) -> IP Mute (Length x3) -> IP Mute (Length x4) -> IP Mute (Permanent))
Mute evading using, for example, an alt account. (Using signs to talk when muted is allowed.)

Alternative Accounts (You’re allowed one alt account)
Having more than one alternate account is punishable.

Setting homes / warps without permission (1d Ban -> 3d Ban -> 7d Ban)
Setting a home or warp on another players island or land without permission

Rules are subject to change at any time and punishments can vary based on severity and player history.

Uncropped evidence is always required when reporting a player. If evidence is lacking the report will be denied.
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