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Dec 23, 2018
The following activities are prohibited on Mineville:

Spam/Flooding/Command Spam (Warning -> 15m Mute -> 30m Mute -> 3h Mute)
There is a difference between spam and flood, but if you find yourself muted for
the reason “spam” you have done any of the following:
SPAM: Spam means that someone says a similar phase multiple times.

FLOODING: This is when someone fills chat with the same letter or symbol.
This may be one message or multiple messages.

Command Spam means that you are executing a command that’s spamming someone’s or global chat, for example, commands like: /pay, /msg and /afk.

Inappropriate language (Warning -> 5h Mute -> 1d Ban)
Swearing/Sexual comments.

Harassment/Major Disrespect/Racism and more (1h Mute -> 7d Ban -> 30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
DISRESPECT: This reason includes any type of discrimination or harassment. This also includes Excessive Swearing (using 3-4 or more swear words in one sentence for no particular reason, or directed at a certain person or group.)

Death, DDos, Dox, and SWAT Threats (30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Pretty self explanatory, you have threatened to for example DDoS, Dox or kill anyone. This also includes suicide encouragement.

Riots (Warning -> 15m Mute -> 1h Mute -> 1d Mute)
Rioting is a player intentionally pushing a negative idea into other players’ heads, such as “X Staff member is terrible” or “X Player should not have been banned”.

Impersonation (Warning -> 1h Mute -> 7d Ban)
When a player tries to impersonate a staff member or public figure.

Blatant Advertising (Permanent Ban)
Advertising other servers/networks IP’s.

Unintentional Advertising (30m Mute -> Permanent ban)
When a player says something like “Hey let’s go play MinecraftServer” or even when they say an IP when someone else asks for it. If they are just randomly saying an IP or saying “Hey let's go play” Then that falls under the previous rule.

Social Media Advertisement (Warning -> 1h Mute -> 6h Mute)
When a player advertises their social media in any form, unintentionally or intentionally. Players with the Youtube or Twitch rank are exempt from this rule.

Hackusating (Warning -> 30m Mute -> 3h Mute)
For this when a player hackusates. Staff will /msg them and let them know that they should message a staff member or post on the forums if they see a hacker instead of in the public chat.

Inappropriate Name (Permanent ban until changed)
Having a name that would break one of our rules if it would’ve been said in chat or that might be offensive/inappropriate in any other way.

Inappropriate Skin (Permanent ban until changed)
Having a skin that’s breaking our rules such as skins that feature nudity or offensive language.

Inappropriate Links (1d Ban -> 7d Ban)
Posting a link in any chat that contains NSFW content. (Porn, screamers, gore) Players are only punished if it the link makes it past our filter.

Third Party Trades (Kick -> 1h Mute -> 7d Ban)
Offering or trading or requesting any items outside of Mineville (CSGO Skins, Optifine cape, ect.) or irl money for a service in game.

Hacked Client/Disallowed Modifications (14d Ban -> 30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Make sure to check out the thread on the forums about Allowed and Disallowed Mods. Macros and Scripts fall under the next rule.

Macro Mining (Kick -> 3d Ban -> 14d Ban)
Having a script that automatically types /warp a with a press of a button is allowed, but anything that loops forever while you are afk is illegal. (Staff will message the player, if they do not respond they will be punished.)

Exploiting (30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Using a bug to for example duplicating gear/items, anything that would give you an unfair advantage is considered exploiting. Please contact an Admin so we can fix the bug the player was abusing.

Tp Trapping (1h Ban -> 3d Ban)
Trapping someone without their knowledge or consent with the use of /tpa.

Griefing (3d Ban -> 7d Ban)
Destroying protected islands on skyblock.

Scamming (3h Ban -> 1d Ban -> 7d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Scamming in any trades that involve items on Mineville is not allowed.

Chargeback (Permanent Ban)
Forcefully refunding a purchase on the Mineville store.

Ban Evading (Ip Ban)
Logging in on any of Mieville's servers using an alt when your main (or other) account has been banned.

Alternative Accounts (You’re allowed one alt account)
Having more than one alternate account is punishable.

**Rules are subject to change at any time and punishments can vary based on severity and player history.**
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