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Rule #3


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Good Night!.

Pd: This publication is being done through a translator.

Hi, I'm a new player, I'm from LatinAmerica (Colombia), I'm using a translator because I don't feel safe writing in English in this community.
I am writing this because I find Rule #3 very unfair «Persistently speaking a foreign language»
From my perspective, it's a way of making other languages invisible. The server is able to reach people who speak other languages, this rule only makes people who want to enter this community uncomfortable and silent.
This simple rule could cause many people to leave the server, because it is totally unfair.
The server is great, I've been playing for several hours, but this rule doesn't make any sense and even makes me feel very uncomfortable.
Please think, reflect and solve this.

Thank you very much, I'm waiting for your answers.


Hey there @Lulita300

This rule is in place so that everyone, especially staff can read and understand what you are saying. You are allowed to use any language in /msg and /town chat. This rule is not in place to discriminate anyone or any language, we just like to have the chat english so that everyone can understand.

Kind regards