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Regarding Vault Hunting 2.0


The whole point of this post is to respond to kids running on lemon batteries from the last post. This post is obviously directed to the ranting potatoes from the last post: @i7xt @Fladoodles. Alright now let's get into the many problems about these 2 specific players.

Ok so first I'm going to talk about the original poster, Fladoodles.

"Today I’m here to introduce you to a problem* that’s been haunting the Kingdoms server for a few seasons now, it’s called vaultable hunting."
This 'issue' that you seem to be complaining about is only a problem because the people with these said items aren't using their brains. Players who have these special items in their inventories, vaultable or not, always have the choice to leave them safe before they venture into a pvp enabled area such as pvp warps, or the wilderness. This is a problem for you because you lack the ability to use common sense. You can't expect someone asking you to go into the wilderness at the time that you have valuable items in your inventory to be a normal player that means no harm, you're playing a survival server you can't expect everything to go your way, which your way is a peaceful environment for everyone too stupid to use 1% of their brainpower.

"criminal-like act."
It's really not a criminal like act, it's just taking advantage of people making obvious mistakes.
"And the damage caused by it has made people lose their entire patrimony and hundreds of in real-life dollars"
Good job you spent hundreds of dollars on some code for a server that won't last forever. What am I going to do with these items that mean a lot to me because I literally paid a large sum of money for them? I'm going to stroll right into the pvp enabled wilderness region of a survival server because I'm just so smart. Seriously, what do you expect?

"If we are to accept people to enrich themselves off our effort, betraying our trust"
The fact you even said this is very funny to me. Flad, you're allowing these players to enrich themselves off of your effort because you can't make a simple decision about a trick you have most likely seen dozens of times. Your experience on the server is not bad, but your post makes me rethink wtf you have been doing with yourself while playing this server. This is an unsolvable 'problem' because staff won't and most likely can't act upon your little issue. The wilderness is designed to be an area that is indeed dangerous. Out of claims. It’s every man for themselves in pvp enabled wilderness or warp areas.

Concluding what I said about you Flad, you have the play time & experience to see these types of tricks coming, and you should know not to be stupid enough to have exspensive items in your inventory while being in unclaimed areas, so just don’t try to get staff to act upon player fault based issues.

Now, I will be moving on to the more annoying part of this post, regarding @i7xt
Ok there are many things to say here, but I’ll try to keep it somewhat short.

First, in your player report you claim Lob is a suspect of the legal / legit actions of 2 players in this situation you are currently in. All that Lob did was tell you that the actions of the players who now own your valuable items followed the rules while obtaining them. You literally say in your player report that you know SpectralKunai has been known to do the things he did to you to other people in the past, but you proceed to use zero common sense and follow him into a trap that costs you vaultable items.

As Fladoodles claimed, you think that staff should act upon the act of killing people (legitly) for valuable items. But as I’ve mentioned several times, you're forgetting that it's your fault that you lost your items. You can’t accept the fact that you lost yourself your valuable items by being stupid. If you actually used your brain you would have cared enough about your valuable items to refrain from keeping them in your inventory 75% of the time.

Personally, from past experience of this act, it is very upsetting to the players when they lose their items, but I don’t feel bad for them. Everyone has the chance to just say no or put their stuff away, which half of the people I lure into legal traps actually do use their brains and put their stuff away. But it's those select few nats that have a too little attention span to pay attention to the actually importing things. If I was to be killed by anyone for valuable or valuable items, by being led into the wild I would accept my death because I know what I did wrong. I should have known that the player with a rank that has permissions to view your inventory and only asks you to come when you have valuable items in your inventory only wants you for what you have, and nothing else.

I would advise you I7, to just chill out and leave everyone alone because you're mad that you lost your items because you're not very bright. This could of been so easily avoided but you chose to be stupid, and you payed the price. Next time this happens make sure to use all of that lemon battery of a brain you have to put your trashy items you call valuable away.

In conclusion, this is an act that won't even be solved because everyone who does this knows how to do it without breaking the rules, meaning that staff can act upon it because there is nothing to act upon.

Have a good day, and use your brains kids!


Honestly I just thought the way he talked about this like it was criminal just over did it, I mean either way it’s not gonna be made a rule it just doesn’t make sense


Let's not forget how he reported us three a whole week after he was killed, only mentioned one of the people he reported in the actual report, and didn't provide any evidence of anything. :giggle:


Let's not forget how he reported us three a whole week after he was killed, only mentioned one of the people he reported in the actual report, and didn't provide any evidence of anything. :giggle:
Wait what did he report for?


Network Owner
all vault items should just be infinitely holy protected