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Prim120's Helper Application


New member
User name: Prim120

What is your username? Prim120

Which realm are you applying for?
Kingdom Survival (Edit: and/or Earth Towny if that is available!)

What time zone do you live in? UTC-4 (EST)

What is your first name? (Hannah) Rose

How old are you? 20

What is your discord username? Prim120#7972

Have you created any previous applications? If so, please link them here.

Why do you want to become a staff member on MineVille?
I have played a lot on KD (and recently a lot of Earth) and feel very connected to the server and the people on it. I already play a lot on the server - probably more than I should - so I have met and interacted with the majority of the current KD players, as well as some from Asgard and Water. I have been doing my best to help newbies and other players in general and with rules as well as regulate chat (as appropriate) when no moderators are online. However, without being an official Helper there is only so much I can do, especially since I can't truly ease some of the load off of moderators or admins. With quarantine raising the number of players overall, I can see how busy things have been and I want to help to keep things running smoothly and to help others have a non-toxic fun time on the server.

What are three qualities that you have that make you stand out from the other applicants? I have the ability to be friendly with everyone, including individual players or groups that are not friendly with each other. I have a lot of peacemaker experience and ability to both be a team-player and leader as required. I also have an extreme amount of experience in customer service and moderator/officer roles in the real world.

How many hours a day can you dedicate to Mineville?
At least 3 consistently, usually more.

How long have you been playing on Mineville?
Around 2 months at this point, I believe since the middle/end of January.

Have you ever been banned or punished on our server or any of our other platforms? (Describe the situation/s)
I have never been banned or punished on this server or any other platforms.

Do you have any past experience of being a staff member?
Not on any Minecraft servers.

Are you able to use some form of screenshot/recording software?
I can take full screenshots. Additionally, I am attempting to add a recorder I found to my laptop, which should allow me to record as well.

SCENARIO ONE: You are the only staff member online on any realm, and a report comes in from another realm that you are not familiar with and have no permissions on. What do you do?
I would immediately contact staff members from that server through discord, as well as check out that server in order to gain more information on the situation. I would screenshot/record evidence as needed for future reference to help the next staff member that responds. If the report is regarding chat and only requires a warning (such as one time non-English speech in main chat), then I may give them a quick warning in chat assuming no staff members have responded for enough time. Additionally, if the report is regarding something that is not against the rules and therefore a warning or punishment is not needed, I will still tell another staff member what has happened to brief them and get a second opinion and will hold off on commenting in chat/to any players until I receive the go-ahead or another staff member takes over.

SCENARIO TWO: You ban a player and them and their friends start messaging you calling you a bad staff member and telling you that you should unban them. What do you do?
I would re-explain the reason behind the ban, preferably with evidence (screenshots/recordings). I would then explain that they can either attempt to appeal the ban or buy an unban if they have one left. I would also warn them that their inappropriate behavior will be reported to an mod/admin and that it will affect the chance of an appeal. If some of the comments from their friends are on Mineville or the Mineville discord, I will ask a higher staff member for advice regarding warnings/punishments for harassment and take action (or no action) accordingly.

Are you aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic rejection of this application?
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Trial Helper
Trial Helper
Very nice app i like the responses to the scenarios, would make a great fit to the staff team as i do see here try and help players in any way she can :D
Haven't talked to you a whole lot, only heard good things. Ngl, I thought you where already staff lmao.


Prim is a helpful and wonderful girl, i believe she can be a good staff. Also good luck qt


New member
Prim is amazing, she deserves this more then anyone else I'm not just saying this because she's my friend. Prim is actually one of those people who sees everything from different angles and she has the skills to understand every situation. Not only is she amazing in game but outside of the game she is also one of the most dedicated and well rounded person out there making her knowledgeable in almost everything she does! lets go prim!