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please update to rules regarding minions.

First off i don't rly wanna complain about it since you if break the rules you get banned, fair enough, i would just like to have it clarified and or have it reflected in the rules.

I was resently banned for "griefing" by using the mining minion in a mine but it's not stated in the rules and i was told that you can only use the minion on your claimed land, which i also couldn't find in the rules.

So if your minion can only break ores and not cobblestone what is it's used for if not in the /mines, can you make/buy your own mine ?

And please correct me if im wrong i just wanna know so i and other players can avoid it in the future.


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No, mining minions do not need to be in mines to break blocks, and yes that is considered griefing because staff have a hard time destroying them. You can place a mining minion in your town and it will mine if you give it energy. it will spawn blocks under it and break those blocks.

ohh that actually makes more sense, i bought it on ah and i couldn't find anything about how to use it so i just assumed you had to place it in the mines.
Well thanks for the answer, now i just feel kinda stupid but hey that's life.


I wish I could afford a minion;


Will do