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NEWS Patch Notes - February 20th 2021

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Hello everyone,

This week we have made a bunch of QOL changes, added a new crate, and much more!
Keep reading for more information.

➥ Event
Tomorrow (February 21st) at 4PM EST we will be holding our usual weekly giveaway. We will be giving away a bunch of awesome stuff so make sure you are there!

Make sure you're online in time to participate in the giveaways.

➥ Content Update

Revamped Class System:

After a lot of player feedback, we have gone ahead and simplified the class system across the server.

We have added 20+ unique emojis to enhance your chatting experience. To use the chat emojis, simply type :emojiname: in chat and send! You can use /emojis in-game to see a full list of all the emojis and their names.

Lunar Crate:
To celebrate the year of the Ox we have released a brand new crate filled with some new amazing items! You can even win your own little dragon companion that rides around on your back!

Get your keys now at @ https://store.mineville.org/category/keys


Sell Chest Buffs:
We have decided to buff the sell chests to make them feel more worthwhile for players to actually obtain and use.

Other Updates:
A lot of work has gone into optimizing and improving server performance to give players the best possible experience. We are constantly working to improve and perfect it as much as possible.

Later tonight we will also be releasing Miner, Collector, and Feeder minions in ultimate crates for players to obtain.

➥ Resolved Issues & Changes
  • Added island profile in /is (Fire)
  • Glow & Chat colors can now be bought on the store (Anarchy)
  • Fixed issue with player count displaying 0 (Hub)
  • You can now win spawner fragments in the vote crate (Fire)
  • Ultimate & Super crate will now give more spawner fragments (Fire)
  • Replaced the quest that required spawner crafting (Water)
  • Added a spam filter (Global)
  • Added /servers (Global)
  • Fixed chests not generating with loot in shipwrecks and villages (Anarchy)
  • Added /hud (Global)
  • Added 30-second combat tag (Anarchy)
  • Improved class system (Kingdom)
  • Increases max member limit 10 -> 15 (Kingdom)
  • Increases default claim limit 5 -> 10 (Kingdom)
  • Fixed not being able to place certain spawners due to kingdom level (Kingdom)
  • Updated /help (Kingdom)
  • Fixed Piglins not spawning in the air (Water)
  • Fixed Mooshroom spawners not appearing in shop (Water)
  • Replaced spawner core reward in /core with a random spawner (Water)
  • Fixed poppy sell prices (Water)
  • Improved class system (Water)
  • Updated /help (Water)
  • Added Isles portal at spawn (Fire)
  • Fixed island collection NPC at spawn not working (Fire)
  • Added /help (Fire)
  • Improved class system (Fire)
  • Enabled multiple spawner type placement in one chunk (Fire)
  • Added stack autokill from fall and lava (Fire)
  • Fixed click being censored by chat filter (Anarchy)
  • Fixed ember wand cooldown not working (Global)
  • Major TPS improvements (Kingdom)
  • Major Super & Ultimate crate revamp (Store)
  • Added new Perks Crate (Store)
  • Removed black market, kits, and perks (Store)
  • Super & Ultimate Crate revamped (Water & Fire)
  • Updated bucks shop (Global)
  • Released /emojis (Global)
  • Enabled 2x EXP and Drops effects for new Lunar Crate items (Global)
  • Punishment messages will no longer show on Anarchy (Anarchy)
  • Replaced core & fragment drops in magic pond with spawners (Water)
  • Replaced cores in quest shop with spawners (Water)
  • Fixed Super & Ultimate crate still giving spawner fragments (Water)
  • Fixed Super & Ultimate crate giving mystery spawner instead of listed spawners (Water)
  • Added Anarchy Sign & Portal (Hub)
  • Fixed issue with farmland hydration (Kingdom)
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