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GUIDE [Official] Kingdoms Guide (S5)


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Kingdoms Survival Guide


Over the past year, kingdoms has seen some massive changes in how it functions and its play style, as per the past 2 season updates (S4 and S5). As such, the current guide for kingdoms is overwhelmingly out of date and includes information that is exclusive to Season 2 and Season 3 of kingdoms, which may be very misleading to anyone who reads it. Therefore, we on the staff team would like to present an up-to-date guide, introducing all of the information you need for the current season; while also updating it if/when other changes are made, or in the release of a new season. So, without further ado, welcome to Kingdoms and let’s get started!

Starting Out

When you first join the realm, it is recommended that you do /tutorial for a basic rundown of the commands that you will need (listed here). From there, you either want to join or create a kingdom. Being in a kingdom is important, as it protects your land against people who might grief or steal and it also gives you a place to warp back to if you die.

If you want to join a kingdom:
  • Ask in chat if anyone has a kingdom that is recruiting
  • Have them do /k invite [Your username]
  • Then you do /k accept [username of who invited you]
If you want to create a kingdom:
  • Do /k create
  • Select the bed that says “Create a party,” once the GUI opens up
  • Type in chat whatever kingdom name you want
    • Make sure that your kingdom name is appropriate, you will be punished if it is; if you are unsure if it is inappropriate or not, then select another name instead
    • If you want the kingdom name changed, you need to buy a name change token from the /bucks or online webstore
  • Make sure that once you create a kingdom, do /k claim and then /k sethome
About Kingdoms

The primary function of a kingdom is to offer protected land, upon which members of your kingdom, as well as your buildings, are protected against other players. Additionally, it also offers features such as a bank, item vault, upgrades, etc. There are a few important commands to know that are related to a specific aspect of a kingdom.


Claiming chunks for your kingdom can be done by standing in the chunk you want to claim and typing /claim or /k claim (either work). To see chunk borders, press F3+G on your keyboard and to see your claim as well as nearby claims, do /k map. In order to unclaim land, you would do /k unclaim. If you want to see how many claims you have left, then do /k and hover over the question mark in the GIU.

Other commands/info:
  • /k claims will show you the chunk coordinates for your claims (up to 54) so that if you lose your claims, you can get back to them or have a staff member help you get back to them. Chunk coordinates have to be multiplied by 16 to get the proper coordinates
  • Make sure that when claiming, you are at least 2 chunks away from another kingdom (unless given permission to claim closer), or else you will be asked to remove the claims
  • /k sethome sets a home that all kingdom members can go to, using /k home.
  • You can get more claims by having more members in your kingdom, having a rank, winning them from /crates, or being a higher /class level

Member Management:

There are several commands you can employ to set roles, manage permissions, kick or ban people from your kingdom, etc.
  • /k setrole [username] [role] lets you promote members in your kingdom to certain roles, such as admin, co-leader, mod, member. The perms for each role can be adjusted through /k perms or /k permissions
  • /k kick [username] kicks a member from your kingdom
  • /k ban [username] prevents the specified username from entering your claims
  • /k coop add [username] gives permission to a player to build on your land and interact with blocks (such as doors, work benches, chests, etc) you may have up to 2 coops at a time, and you can remove a member through /k coop remove [username]
Another new feature this season is a kingdom "Trustee" role, which allows you to give a player perms for a specific chunk (Permissions manageable via /k perms)
  • /k trust [username] is a command that gives a specified player permissions (adjustable through /k perms, then trustees) within that chunk
    • /k untust [username] untrusts the specified player for that chunk
    • /k untrust all [username] untrusts the specified player for all chunks
    • /k trustees views a list of trustees
  • "Specified chunk" Is the one you're standing in
More info:
  • The starting out member limit for any kingdom is 5, this can be increased through completing Kingdom quests,, which can be viewable by /quest
  • You can also get more claims by buying a rank on /bucks or /buy (the webstore). TO view the rank perks, you can do /ranks

Here are some other commands that are useful
  • /k vault a small storage accessible by all kingdom members, you can store tools and share items that others need this way
  • /k bank allows you to store money into it, and is accessible only by certain members
    • /k bank deposit [amount]
    • /k bank withdraw [amount]
  • /k who if you stand in a chunk owned by another kingdom, you can do /k who to see who owns the kingdom and the members of that kingdom
  • /k top lets you see the kingdoms with the highest /k level
  • /k levels upgrading levels gives you access to more spawners
  • /k upgrades provides a variety of features you can upgrade to improve your kingdom, in upgrades you can:
    • Increase hopper limit
    • Increase spawner limit
    • Increase Mob spawn rate (from spawners)
    • Increase Mob Loot
    • Increase Crop Growth
    • Increase Crop yield

Class is a new progression system that can be used to gain access to various perks such as more claims, special tools, minebucks, various commands and more! There are 6 classes: Peasant, Farmer, Craftsman, Vassal, Noble and Duke. Here are the requirements and rewards for each:


Spawner Fragments & cores

S5 Kingdoms also revamped spawners entirely. Instead of just grinding money to buy them from /shop, you now have to collect the resources to craft them and then also upkeep them. To make a spawner, you need 9 fragments and 1 spawner core; this will make a spawner of the core type. You can do this through /forge
  • To withdraw a spawner, right click the placed stack and then Shift-click it out of the menu that pops up
  • You can obtain Spawners cores and fragments from /isles and /warp pond
  • you are also able to obtain fragments and cores from killing mobs, however, they are at a much lower drop rate.
  • You also get spawners from day 3 & 5 on /cow


On kingdoms, there are 2 types of quests: Kingdom quests and solo quests. Solo quests are typically smaller tasks that give gems, in-money and various items. Daily quests are also usually different each day as well, so there's always something new to try for. Kingdom quests are quests that give your kingdom a way to increase Trustee, member and Warp slots. Each quest can be completed and collected by any member and once all quests within a certain section are completed, then the next set will be unlocked. Do (/Quest) to view each of these


there is also a special "weekly" quest that your kingdom can complete every week)


Isles are a new and challenging feature that gives players the opportunity to obtain valuable and exclusive items, such as gear, spawner fragments, rename scrolls, spawner cores and more. There are currently 5 levels of isles (Tangleroots, Sandara, Icehaven, Relicrypts and Burninglands), which you can unlock by killing a certain amount of mobs on isles. In order to go to isles, you can do /isles or /warp [name of isle]. Of course, as you get to a higher level the more difficult it will be, however much more rewarding!

Additional info
  • It's recommended to use full Protection4 netherite armor and a Bane of Arthropods axe or sword for isles
  • Bane of arthropods does more damage to these mobs, as they register as Silverfish when killed
  • Pay close attention to your armor's durability, as isles mobs can and will break your armor if you aren't careful

Gems are a new form of currency which are used to pay for /k upgrades and upgrade your /class. Gems can be directly paid to another player through /gems pay [user] [amount] or traded to another player through /trade.

Here are the various Ways you can earn gems:


Pond and LPS

Kingdoms has 2 types of events: Magic Pond and Last Player Standing (LPS). They occur every day at set intervals, and can be quite rewarding if you participate.


Pond is an even there you use a fishing rod to obtain items that float from the air. The commands that are most important for Pond are /kit fishingrod and /warp pond. The first gives you a fishing rod, and the other warps you in front of pond.


Last Player Standing is an event that occurs three times a day and is a PVP-based event. Upon doing /lps join (when prompted), you will be warped into an arena with several other players and be given a kit of a few basic items to fight other players with. The goal is to eliminate the other players or strategically evade them until you are eventually the only one left. Additionally there is a closing border so that players don't hide or run the entire game.
Note: Teaming is not allowed and you will be punished for it

Auctions and Player shops

We have 2 different auctioning features available for use on the server: the first is the Auction house, where you can list items and then sell them to other players - even while offline! The other is Chat auctions, a feature that allows you to set up a chat auction for players to bid on - and for the older players of this server, it's s very familiar feature

Auction house (ah):

This is a feature that allows you to list any item to a GUI (accessible through /ah) and then buy it while you’re offline. Some important commands to know would be:
  • /Ah Access the auction house
  • /Ah sell [Price] [Amount] Allows you to list an item(s) to the ah; make sure to hold the item you want to sell in your hand
    • Price is how much you want for the item
    • The amount is how many of that item you want to sell. For instance, if you want to sell 5 blocks out of a stack, then you would do /ah sell [price] 5. If you want to sell the entire stack of items, then do /ah sell [price] without the amount increment.
  • /ah listed allows you to view what items you have listed on the ah, left click any item to de-list it
  • /ah Expired Allows you to access items that have been delisted or not sold to anyone
  • /ah Help to get a chat message that shows you all the commands you need to know
    • Note: /ah view (player) does not work.
Make sure not to use AH to sell inappropriately named items. advertise warps, or trade offers, or bypass your mute. The item will be removed from the ah in any of these cases, and depending on which, you may receive a punishment for it.

Chat Auctions: (King+ only)

Chat auctions allow you to pawn off an item in main chat off to other players. There are a few important commands to know for this:
  • /auc start [amount] [price] [increment] [autobuy] [time]
    • amount is the amount of that item you are selling
    • the price is how much you want the bid to start out at
    • the increment is how much each bid should be at least (for instance, if the increment is 5 and the price is 10, then the next bid has to be greater than or equal to 15, the next one 20 and so on)
    • autobuy is the price you can set for a player to be able to buy it automatically. if a player bids this amount then they win immediately
    • time is in seconds (capped at 60s)
  • /auc startsealed [amount] [price] [increment] [autobuy] [time]: starts an auction that nobody can see the current bid amount
  • /bid [amount]: will place a bid for the set amount. If you do not set a bid, then it will go up automatically by the increment (if the increment is $5, and the bid is $100, then your bid will be $105)
  • /auc ignore: This command hides all auction messages from being seen in your chat
  • /auc enable: Re-enables auction messages to be seen
  • /auc: Pulls up a list of commands and info for auction just in case you forget any
  • /auc spam: Ignores only the spammy auction messages (anti-snipe, bids)
  • /auc queue: Views all the items that are about to go up
  • /auc info: Views the info of the auction that is currently running
  • Scamming on auction is not allowed, any form of renaming an item to ty and pass it off as another item is not allowed and will be punished for
  • Some items (like fragments) are scutes, so when auctions it will say "Scute" when bidding, in order to see what item is being auctioned, hover over it (as shown above)
  • You cannot set the Autobuy price to be lower than the initial price, or else the command will not work
  • You need King rank or higher to be able to make chat auctions, you can buy king rank through /bucks or /buy (the webstore) and check out the perks of other ranks in /ranks
Player shops:

Player shops are another way that you can get items bought/sold to you while offline. To make one:

place a sign on the chest that says [Player shop] on the first line,
The amount of an item you’re buying/selling on the second line,
the price you’re paying for what you’re buying/selling on the third line
and then whether the chest shop is for buying or selling on the last line like so:


After you do this, just hit the chest with the item that you want to buy/sell. Once you do that it should look like picture on the right​
  • The amount of shops you're allowed to make without any other modifiers is 3, to get more you can upgrade your /class or buy a rank from /bucks or /buy. To view how much each class or rank gives in-game, you can run the commands /class and /ranks, respectively.

Custom Enchants

Custom enchants are unique and useful bonuses that can be added to your armor/weapons/tools through the use of drag n drop books. With these books, there is a chance of success and a chance of failure, so be careful when applying them. There are 3 types of books, and they can be bought through /enchant, using the xp you gain from normal minecraft.

You can view a full list of the custom enchants Here


  • /Ce: Opens up the custom enchant menu, where you can buy ces and access the tinkerer or alchemist
  • /tinker: A command that allows you to convert unused/undesired custom enchant books to secret dust, which can give you mystery dust (useless) or magic success dust, which boosts the success of an enchant
  • /alchemist: Fuses 2 books of the same level to make them a book of the next tier (I.E, Overload II + Overload II = Overload III or 2 success dusts to make a higher % boost (I.E, 2% + 5% = 7%)

Some more useful commands and info that aren't categorized


Minebucks are a universal currency (on all full realms) that gives players the chance to acquire items that are usually only obtainable through the sore with real money. You can access the minebucks store through /bucks
  • /bucks bal [username] Checks how many minebucks a user has (no need to put one if it's just yours)
  • /bucks pay [user] [amount] Gives a player minebucks
You can obtain minebucks from a variety of things, such as Leveling up your class, voting daily, buying from other players, and gaining a spot on the new /legends system
  • Legends is a monthly minebucks payout that gives the kingdom that has spent the most on /k levels by the end of each monthly cycle. The rewards for it are 500 minebucks x the amount of times you've won consecutively.
Flying and Flytime

Another cool feature that we have is flying, which is toggleable through /fly, without king rank (or higher) or permafly bought from /bucks or /buy, you only have a limited amount of flytime, but plenty of ways to obtain it.

  • You can get fly from: Voting, /Cow for class level, winning it from vote crates and buying it from other players
  • /fly time [username] Checks how much fly time a user has
  • /fly pay [username] [time in seconds] Gives a person flytime
    • 3600 is 1 hour, 1800 is 30 minutes, 300 is 5 minutes
Privating Chests

While a kingdom does a good job of keeping your kingdom safe, however, if you're a member of a kingdom and you want to keep your stuff safe from other members, you can private your chests. All you have to do is place an Oak sign (can't be any other wood) onto a chest that says [private]
  • you can add more people to this sign by writing up to 2 other usernames on the 3rd and 4th lines. your name will automatically be inputted on the second line
  • If you change your username, ask a moderator or higher to break your private signs for you

One of the easiest ways to get to another player is through using /tpa commands, which allows you to teleport to another player by sending them a request
  • /tpa [username] sends a request for someone to tp to you
  • /tpaccept Accepts the tpa request

Another important feature is the /trade command that we have, which allows you to transfer items and various currencies to another player. This is the best system to use so that you don't get scammed or have to drop your items to another player and lose them to lag clear. The trade menu should look like this:


  • Gold nugget/ingot/block is for in-game money
  • The prismarine crystals are for Minebucks
  • The potions are for Gems

Coinflips allow you to bet money and minebucks to other players by placing them on a menu, accessible through /coinflip
  • /coinflip opens the coinflip menu
  • /coinflip bucks [amount] [username] Sends a minebucks coinflip invitation to a specified player, if you don't add a username it will be global (anyone can accept it)
  • /coinflip [amount] [username] Sends a In-game money coinflip invitation

The lottery is a drawing that happens hourly on the server. While the amount is generally pretty small, it can be a great opportunity to get some good starting out cash! In order to buy a ticket, do /lottery buy Amount and to view information about the lottery, such as who won the last one and the amount, then do /lottery


On all realms, there is now a fun parkour course to do for a chance to win minebucks. If you complete it in under 40 seconds, then you will win 30 minebucks as a reward! The main thing to keep in mind is that, while you are doing the parkour, you are unable to use most other commands and in order to leave it, you can do /parkour quit or /parkour leave


Thank you for reading this guide and we from the staff team hope you have a great time! If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to message a staff member in game or on discord. The community as well is also very helpful, so most of the time if you ask a question there it can be answered. Finally, if you feel that any information has been left out, or should be added, then comment below and we will add it if necessary.


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