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Not your average post, but a Thank You instead.


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Yesterday, I came back from the hospital to see that one of my kingdom members had messaged me photos of our base in ruins. Someone had come in and destroyed everything. Now I know what you're thinking "But it's claimed land, right?". It was. This was one of our own members. He had purposely gone into our main storage rooms and residences, destroying or stealing almost everything of significant value. TNT and Redstone torches scattered the land around our kingdom (Shame I didn't get to see his face when he realized that plan wouldn't work lol).

Because of the actions taken by Goossee and Pinguinooo specifically (and any other mods who may have helped in the process, We were able to get some of the stuff back that he took and appropriate punishments were dealt. Not to mention the kick/ban he got from me straight outta the kingdom.

Normally, we see posts talking about the shortcomings of this server. But this post is different. Today, I wanna use this post to thank the mods. Hours upon hours have been put into this game between me and my kingdom mates. We have amassed a kingdom that we can all be proud of. And I can easily say, one that we made ourselves without screwing anyone over in the process.

Some of you may already know me. Maybe I have given you free repairs or saw that you needed an item we had a surplus of and I asked you to TP to me just to drop it at your feet and say there ya go, enjoy!!! without asking for anything in return. I try to be as nice as humanly possible on this server because it is a place I consider to be a home of sorts. And to see my kingdom members physically upset over hours of their life gone upsets me. Even if this is just a game.

So today, me and my kingdom want to thank the mods. We really do. We see you guys working your butts off day in and day out, and we just want to let you know that it doesn't go unnoticed. They have been nothing but helpful. And to anyone that says otherwise, remember guys. We are all only human. We aren't perfect. Every day, we try the best we can and hope to be even stronger tomorrow for the challenges we face.

I also want to make a special shoutout to Angel. I don't really know who you are, but you must have stumbled onto our base sometime last night and saw the damage. I saw your little care package, And we thank you for it. it was the nicest gesture I have seen out of another player. You are an awesome person!!!


P.S. You will notice I did not mention the person by name. I won't just for the fact that I am not a revenge person. So if you know who it was, please keep it to yourself. I'm not looking for someone to avenge things. I'm capable of doing that myself if I wanted, But I'd rather just move on and rebuild.


Aww thanks, It's a pleasure seeing someone post about stuff like this. Though we don't look for thanks, It's always nice seeing players positively affected by what we do. I apologize for what happened and glad to see that you got some stuff restored. Have a wonderful day,


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Very nice! The staff are VERY helpful. Someone from our kingdom took some stuff to, but with a little help from staff, we got it back. Hope the rebuilding process isn't too challenging!


this is such a sweet post, so glad everything worked out for you!