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The server is in my opinion one of the best around but its slowly getting worse as more and more is taken away to stop cheats or other reasons, If you keep taking things out because it can be used to cheat or make too much money all you will have left is grass blocks stone and trees. People have to be allowed to play the game and enjoy it because without the enjoyment there is no game.
The good points
The staff and helpers that you have are second to none, They are very friendly and helpful to all which is part of why i join the server everyday, When a new player asks for help they are told what to do not go and read rules etc. They sometimes get it wrong but they are only human, i myself was banned for hate speech and as i am one of the oldest minecraft players in the world would not speak ill of anyone but i hold no grudges we all get it wrong.
So keep up the good work but please stop taking things away and fix the problem instead, for instance limit the amount of money a player can have