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Welcome MineVillagers!
We just released Mineville. January 13th, 2019, 12PM EST. You can now hop on using the IP play.mineville.org. Mineville has a lot to offer; ranging from custom features, unique ideas, and optimized experiences to fair play and proper support. We will be mainly focusing on our two gamemodes: Skyblock and Survival. However, our Skyblock and Survival realms are no ordinary gamemodes. Each realm is packed with extra-fun exclusive features that will surely improve your gameplay. We are experimenting with 1.13.2 survival and a new system for land management that will leave you with complete control over your claims.

Before I show you a glimpse of what the different realms have to offer, join our discord server at https://discord.mineville.org to unlock Daily Rewards on each realm and to be up-date with all updates, giveaways, and announcements.

Network Features:
We believe that all players should have equal access to all features, therefore, we implemented the Minecoins system. You can earn Minecoins through several ways:
  1. Vote daily for the server using /vote
  2. Claim daily rewards (You can get up to $4 worth of store credit from just 1 week of gameplay)
  3. Watch ads using /ad
After accumulating Minecoins, use the command /store and then navigate to the Ingame store. Redeem giftcards and you will be bale to use them on the actual store!

Mincoins is a global currency which means that if you earn Minecoins on Water Skyblock, you will have them on Hell Survival and vice-versa. To list all Minecoins commands, use /minecoins.
We hope to see a lot of players taking advantage of this easy way to gain store credit and purchase ranks and perks.

Hell Survival Features:
Survival on 1.13.2 is currently an untapped potential. We want to make sure that players can play on the very latest version on a server that truly offers a good and unique experience. That's exactly what we did with Hell Survival. You will not be able to join with any version bellow 1.13.2. Here is a list of some of the features that you will encounter during your gameplay:
  • Unique land claiming system. /lands
  • Land upgrades. You can upgrade the maximum amount of lands that you can be a member of. The max amount of chunks that you can claim, and the max amount of players that can be in each of your chunks. Visit /upgrades
  • Daily rewards. Visit Guardian Gifts at spawn
  • Chest shops for players with upgrades.
  • Player warps for players with upgrades.
  • Mutated Mines that can be unlocked ingame or on store. Visit /mines
  • Unique leveling system that comes with PvP protection, XP Boosts, and Shop boosts. Visit /levels
  • Custom enchantments and scrolls. Visit /enchanter
  • And a lot more..

Water Skyblock Features:
Skyblock is an old traditional Minecraft Java gamemode. We took Skyblock and transformed it to provide players with a refreshing experience that is unlike any other simple or average Skyblock server. We fused the non-pvp skyblock aspect with a pvp one and the result was Skyfights. We also reward players on leveling up with a very unique way: leveled fountains. Here are some of the features
  • Leveled fountains. Visit /fountains
  • Skyfights and fighting levels/points. Visit /skyfights
  • Island Upgrades and Generator upgrades. Visit /upgrades
  • Skyblock Wiki for everything that you need to know. Visit /wiki
  • Custom enchantments and disenchanter. Visit /enchants and /disenchant
  • Shard Magnet conversion. Visit /convert
  • Shards center. Visit /shards
  • and more..

Now that you have an idea of the features to expect on the realms, we look forward to having you as a regular Minevillager. See you in-game!
Mineville Administration.