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MajorGoodheart's Helper Application

User name: MajorGoodheart

What is your username? My in game name is MajorGoodHeart

What is your discord username? My discord name is also MajorGoodHeart

What is your first name? Dan

How old are you? 50 (yes, born 1969)

What time zone do you live in? CST - Chicago Area

Have you created any previous applications, if so please link them here?
Yes over 30 days ago but can't find that one in the discord messages list anymore. Rejected before being considered since it was short of the 400 words requirement at the time, which is now increased to 600 words.

Why do you want to become a staff member on Mineville and what makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants?
Server needs more staff to help control situations. I am a mature adult and have children of my own - 2 boys 28 and 27 and, 3 girls 17, 14 and 10 of which my 2 youngest also play in the Mineville platform. I am an experienced Corporate/IT Manager and used to dealing with numerous people and situations in a calm, proper manner. Since I have a large amount of daily play time I am available to help monitor chat and assist players as needed. I have played a long enough time on the server to know most of the feature set, issues and workarounds that can help keep players moving in a positive direction. I am familiar with most of the popular builds that help players earn and grow, and currently spend a lot of time helping new players already.

I am well known on the server by most staff and players. I have a clear understanding of the rules and punishments as laid out on the website. I know where to go if I don’t know the answer and can always provide the correct answers to players questions. I am humble enough to know my limits and when I get a question I cannot answer, or an issue beyond my capability, I know to ask for help and guidance.

Me personally: Yes, I really am 50 years old. I am semi-retired after 25 years in the IT and Corporate Management realm. I still do contract IT Infrastructure Project Management gigs for a few months at a time where I focus mostly on Datacenters and VoIP telecommunications projects such as Skype for Business and Unified Communications. I am a certified Linux systems administrator and currently trying to learn Java and C++ programming. I currently own a small manufacturing business that makes skin-care cosmetics. It started a hobby and grew a bit larger than I expected. I have been married 20 years and lived in the Chicago area for 22 years.

I grew up in St Louis, Missouri (USA) and went on to a short military career after high school. I went to St John University where I received a ThD (Doctorate in Theology) which I completed in 2007. I never went into the religious field but stayed in IT where I spent time as CIO of 2 public companies in the Chicago area after selling my IT company to one of them.

How many hours a day can you dedicate to Mineville?
I currently play an average of 5 hours a day actively, and logged in as many as 12.

Which realm do you mainly play on?
Water server

How long have you been playing on Mineville?
about 2 and a half months on Mineville and 10 years on Minecraft in general.

Have you ever been banned or punished on our server or any of our other platforms? (Describe the situation/s)
No, I have never had any punishments on the platform for any infraction

Do you have any past experience of being a staff member?
Yes, on another private minecraft server for a short time to learn some of the commands and features. But limited to a private server, not a public one although I am able to learn quickly.

Are you able to use some form of recording software?
Yes. I currently use both screen capture and screen recording software.

SCENARIO ONE: You are unsure of how to punish a player or simply just don't have the power for the proper punishment. What do you do?
Take appropriate temporary action to preserve game integrity then ask another staff member for assistance or escalate the issue to a higher-level staff member. All while following whatever proper staff procedure is currently in place for such instances.

SCENARIO TWO: You ban a player and them and their friends start messaging you calling you a bad staff member and telling you that you should unban them. What do you do?
Explain the situation, let them vent for a short time and if it continues to escalate or disrupt the server take appropriate action such as muting the person temporarily and let them cool off.

Are you aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic rejection of this application?


New member
Water Sailor
i have been on the server over a month and from the beginning and I mean very first day probably even hours in major(dan) was there helping me out . even before I was his in game wifey;). he gave me access to anything I needed and even gave me anniversary keys out of the goodness of his heart and gives me alts when I need to build on my is and don't want to spend all my time standing around to make it .(such a good hubby! definitely happy wife happy life!!) he is very good at diffusing a situation and often times the voice of reason whether one listens or not is on them, but he tries his best to help all people new and vets when they need. He has never gotten in trouble because he knows the rules and doesn't just try skirting around them like others needing supervised on the server. he has a ton of screens so he can have eyes everywhere to monitor more than one server at a time or be available at a moments notice if an issue on another server arises. I highly recommend he join the ranks with the other great helpers and mods. I'm positive he would make a good helper and possibly one day mod. OF COURSE IM NOT JUST BIASED BECAUSE HES MY HUBS ;P !!!!!!!!!!


+ 1 from me.

You're very helpful in-game and very active in general as well. You would make a great staff member.
I wish you good luck.
+1 from me! I don’t know how much it means, but you’re a great player and I see you online consistently! It’d be great to see you as a staff! :)


Wonderful guy, helpful and always attentive. A big +1 from me as well. Plus the IT background is a "Major" (lol) PLUS! =))))