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Lucky Crate Drop Rates

Out of the 31 keys I saw, this is the data on the Lucky Crate released yesterday. I will not include the data of one-time drops as they may skew the data of the other drop rates.

If you wish to submit data for this or any other crates I would be more than glad to take data and compile it together with my current information so long as you can prove all the drops via screenshot so I can ensure I do not get duplicate data points.

Currently this is with 27 data points, I didn't actually log on to include everything the crate dropped, I only included what dropped and common sense items like the rest of the armor set if it was missing a piece out of the current 27 viable data points. (Which it was)

Raw Data

Raw Data including the one-time drops

Data Contributers
SVM (NotInTheBand)
crzy_chef - 3 data points
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