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Lost Buycraft Item


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Hello, not sure if I should be posting this on the forums, or making a support ticket, so if I have put it in the wrong place please let me know, and I will move it.

Alright, so today I was one the Kingdoms Survival server, and stepped out for a minute to grab the mail. I underestimated how long this would take, and when I got back my player had been killed by a mob (zombie I think) and my items had despawned.

I normally wouldn't care if this happened as I just had materials for my cactus farm, and not the best tools; however I did have my 5x5 Trench Pickaxe which I had just bought from the store today using 400 minecoins.

I am wondering if it would be at all possible to give me another Trench Pick, but I also understand if it is not as I was careless and should have logged off the server.

If it is possible to retrieve my other items, I would not mind this as well, but I know that it may not be possible, I will still leave a list of important things had on me just in case though:
  • Devil Pickaxe
  • Voyager's Axe and Shovel
  • God Armor Set
My IGN is Yeetles_Beetles.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,


Hello @Yeetles_Beetles

I am sorry that you have lost a lot of items. A support ticket would have been correct to make regarding this situation. I am unsure if this has been dealt with already or not, so I would like you to confirm it for me by replying to this thread.


Hello @Yeetles_Beetles!

Unfortunately, you can't get your items back considering how you died. Remember to be more careful in the future.