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List of vaultable items on Asgard

Hey there!

As of lately I have been gathering information about the reset, and more specifically about vaultable items. This thread will contain a bit of information about the reset and after that a list of vaultable items. This list may or may not be complete as I am basing this of what people have told me. Special thanks to everyone who helped me getting the list for vaultables.

1. The announcement

Asgard Season 2 started at 2PM EST July 24th 2020. The announcement post can be found here.

2. So what is a reset?

A reset on a realm is basically a complete datawipe. It is used to keep the game fresh and enjoyable whilst also implementing major updates or bug fixes whilst also giving new players a change to raise up to become one of the top players as the eco will be more balanced again. A complete datawipe doesn't mean that there's nothing you can take with you into the next season. Here is a list of items you do keep.
  • Minebucks
  • Ranks bought in the store
  • All tags bought in the store
  • Perks bought in the store (/fly)
  • Chat colours in /chatcolor
  • Hats in /hats
Everything else is wiped, but here are some commonly asked ones:
  • The whole plot world gets deleted, so every build you make will be gone
  • In-game balance, energy, mining level and rebirths
  • Enderchest inventory and personal vaults (/pv)
  • Leaderboards
  • Sellchests
  • Chunk hoppers
  • Tags from rebirths, kilton and ancient trials
3. The season vault

The reset vault is opened days before the reset for players to put in every vaultable item they have. This vault can be accessed with /resetvault but only when it is opened. Only items with the Season Vault Acces lore when hovering over the item can be put in this vault. The seasonal vault will open again at the beginning of the next season.


4. List of vaultable items

Note: This list may or may not be complete or 100% correct, please correct me if anything is wrong or incomplete.

Armor sets:

Thanksgiving - Protection VIII Unb X / Helmet - Boots (Netherite)
Halloween - Protection VIII Unb X / Helmet - Boots (Netherite)
Magic - Protection VIII Unb X / Helmet - Boots
Lucky - Protection VII Unbreakable / Chestplate - Boots
Egypt - Protection VII Unb X / Chestplate - Boots (Helmet is Prot XV Pumpkin)
Hero - Protection VII Unb X / Helmet - Boots
Emperor Robe - Protection VII / Helmet - Boots
Grinch - Prot X Leather / Helm - Boots

Armor pieces:

New Years - Prot VI Unbreakable / Chestplate

Easter Bunny Boots - Protection VI Jump Boost V / Boots
Christmas Stockings - Protection VI / Boots

Lunar - Prot VII Unbreakable / Helmet - Chestplate
Valentines - Prot VIII Unbreakable / Leggings - Boots


Hero - Eff VIII Sharp VIII Unbreakable (Silk Touch)
Lunar - Eff X Sharp VII Unbreakable
Thanksgiving - Eff X Sharp VII
Magic - Eff VIII Sharp VII Unbreakable
Valentines - Eff X Sharp VI Unbreakable
Cyber - Eff X Sharp VI
Cupids - Eff VIII Sharp V Unbreakable (Silk Touch)
New Years - Eff VIII Unbreakable (Silk Touch)


Shamrock - Eff C Fortune XXX Unbreakable
Easter - Eff C Fortune XXX Unb C
Canada - Eff C Fortune XXX Unbreakable
Lunar - Eff C Fortune XXX Unbreakable
New Years - Eff XCIX Fortune XXX Unbreakable
Egypt - Eff L Fortune XXX Unb C
Christmas - Eff LXX Fortune XX Unbreakable


Shamrock - Eff C Fortune XXX Unbreakable
Cyber - Eff X Fortune V
New Years - Eff X Fortune IV


Lightsaber - Sharp X Unb X
Halloween - Sharp VIII Unb X
Magic - Sharp VIII Unbreakable
Hero - Sharp VIII Unbreakable
Lunar - Sharp VII Unbreakable
Egypt - Sharp VII Unbr X
Canada - Sharp VII Unbreakable
New Years - Sharp VI Unbreakable
Christmas - Sharp VI Unbreakable
Lucky - Sharp VI Unbreakable
Carrot - Sharp VI Unbreakable (Sword)
Carrot - Sharp XXV Unbreakable (Carrot)


Thanksgiving - Power VIII (Punch V Infinity I)
Valentines - Power VIII Unbreakable (Punch III Infinity I)
Magic - Power VII Unbreakable (Punch V Infinity I)
Hero - Power VII Unbreakable (Punch IV Infinity I)
Cupids - Power VII Unbreakable (Punch IV Infinity I)
Christmas - Power VI Unbreakable (Punch IV Infinity I)
Candy Cane - Power VI Unb X (Punch IV Infinity I)


New Years - Unbreakable

Sell Wands:

Ankh Wand - 10,000 Uses + 130% Multiplier
Cupids - 4,000 Uses + 130% Multiplier
Lucky - 4,000 Uses + 130% Multiplier
Easter - 4,000 Uses + 130% Multiplier
Santa - 3,500 Uses + 125% Multiplier
Thanksgiving - 2,000 Uses + 120% Multiplier
(Sith - 5,000 Uses + 115% Multiplier)


Candy Cane Multitool (2019) - Eff XXX Fortune XXV Unbreaking XX
Candy Cane Multitool (2020) - Eff XX Fortune III Unbreaking X

Fishing Rods:

Lunar - Sharp VIII Knockback VI Unbreakable


Baby Yoda

Serpent Wand

Disco Ball
NYE Firework


Credits to JordynIsHype for helping me compile the list.

Have a great day!
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Heroes Crate added
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Grinch set added - July 21th 2020
Canada Crate added - August 14th 2020
Candy Cane Bow and Baby Yoda added - August 14th 2020
Magic Crate added - August 14th 2020
Egypt Crate added - September 9th 2020
Halloween Crate added - October 8th 2020
Thanksgiving Crate added - November 30th 2020
Cyber Monday Bundle added - November 30th 2020
Christmas Crate added - January 1st 2021
New Years Crate added - January 13th 2021
Valentines Crate added - February 11th 2021
Split armor section into sets and pieces - February 11th 2021
Lunar Crate added - February 25th 2021
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Thanks Melon helpful as always!


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