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Late Introduction


Hello Everyone!
My name is Jaydon and I am relatively new to the server.

My current ign: HighSensitivity
Nickname: Sensitivity
I have been really enjoying my time on this server. The community and forums feel very welcoming and inviting, and I want to personally thank everyone for that. It feels nice to find an active server that has people truly competing to be the best they can be, kind of like the old times.

Speaking of that, I started my adventure with Minecraft quite some time ago. Early 2010, a year after beta was released. I am an avid factions, survival, and skyblock player. I have been on many different servers over the years and have met some of my closest friends through minecraft. I have friends from Quebec and Columbia as well as Australia and British Columbia.

Recently I have found myself interested in finding a new server to explore and funny enough I found this server through google. I am excited to meet new people here and hopefully connect with some older players. I am currently 23 years old and have moderated quite a few different servers, as well as some very well known servers including HiveMc. I was a moderator in the time period of 2013 and maybe some of you saw me there. Regardless I hope to make an impact on this server and be a guide for people, while also learning new things.

I have discord and would like to throw out my name for anyone to add me. As I said I am relatively new and would like to connect with people who look for the same.

Disc: ImJaydon#3051

Thank you very much for reading this introduction and I hope to see you in game!
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