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Hello Everyone,
Kingdom Season 4 is finally here. Unlike previous resets, this one will be bringing loads of changes and many new features, momre of a revamp rather than a reset. Notably the biggest update will be going from 1.13.2 to 1.15.2 in season 4. The new season releases on Saturday June 6th, 2PM EST.

You can be one of the three lucky players to win the Emperor rank. All you have to do is reply to this thread with your Minecraft username. The winners will be chosen on June 14th. If you already have the Emperor rank you will not be chosen as a winner.

  • Entirely recoded Kingdoms system
    • New Kingdom bank
    • New Kingdom roles & permissions
    • New Kingdom Map
    • New Kingdom members GUI
    • New Kingdom claims GUI
    • New Kingdom Menu
    • New Kingdom Bans
    • New Kingdom Logs
    • and more
  • New daily event: Last Player Standing
  • New daily event: King of the Hill
  • New 5 playtime-based levels
  • New Daily Rewards system
  • New economy & mob drops
  • New ingame Minebucks store
  • Added Mob Stacking
  • Updated server to 1.15.2
  • New /chatcolor system
  • New /glow system
  • New /crates system (physical --> virtual)
  • New 3 crates (Cosmetics, Super, & Ultimate)
  • New temporary & permanent booster system (EXP, Sell, & mcMMO)
  • New sell chests system
  • Lots of store changes for the Kingdom category
  • Added Duels
  • Added Rename Scrolls
  • Added /Cosmetics
  • New Player Warps system
  • New PvP warp build
  • New spawn
  • Cleaned up & fixed trench tools
  • Fixed several quest bugs & replaced points with cash rewards
  • Reduced cooldown on Grinder & Gambler from 7 days to 4 days
  • and a lot more..
➥ Kingdom System
Perhaps the biggest change apart from 1.15.2 is our brand new Kingdoms system. Fully recoded, the new system offers a wide variety of configurable options for your Kingdom and adds fun & competitive aspects to the gamemode.

Default Limits:
  • 5 Claims per player (Upgradable with ranks & levels)
  • 5 Members limit per Kingdom (Upgradable with ranks & levels)
  • 3 Coops per Kingdom
  • 50 Spawners per Kingdom (Increased through Kingdom Upgrades)
  • 50 Hoppers per Kingdom (Increased through Kingdom Upgrades)
Each Kingdom will have a level. Any player of the Kingdom may purchase a level using /k levels. The prices are exponential and it will become harder the bigger your Kingdom's level is. There is a Levels leaderboard that will list Kingdoms based on their levels from Highest to Lowest (/k top) and another that will list Kingdoms based on the amount of claimed chunks they have.



You can also unlock different upgrades to boost your Kingdom's overall productivity such as Mob EXP, Mob Drops, Max Spawners, Max Hoppers, & more.

This new addition will be helpful to many. You will now be able to check logs for
  • Placed/Broken Spawners
  • Member Invites & Kicks
  • Bank Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Role Permissions Changes
  • Vaults Additions & Removals

Vault and Members & Claims GUI
Each Kingdom will now have a vault that consists of 9 slots.

You will now be able to list all of your kingdom's members and claims through an interactive GUI.

➥ Leveling
You may level up through 5 player levels by simply playing on the server. It will not count AFK playtime and you will be kicked if you AFK for 15 minutes or more. King and above will be able to bypass the AFK kick.


➥ Dueling & Daily Events

With this new feature, you will be able to duel any player and both of you will be able to bet money & items. Simply use /duel <name> and then wait for your opponent to accept the request!

Last Player Standing:
This new daily event will run 3 times a day. Players who participate through /lps join will be thrown into one big arena with a 30 second grace period. Once grace is over, an FFA match will begin. The last 3 players standing will win rewards.

King of The Hill:
KoTH will run 2 times a day. A kingdom must try to cap the arena for a full 5 minutes without being knocked out. If they achieve the capping time, they will win and a rewards chest will spawn with nice goodies!


➥ Virtual Crates
The new crates system will be virtual. This will allow you to pen and preview crates from anywhere without having to travel to spawn. It will also prevent any duping & potential harm to the economy.


➥ Sell Chests
The new sell chest system will allow you to upgrade your sell chest's speed using money. There will also be two tiers now and an advanced income & tax collection and recordkeeping system (shift-left-click). The change was made to balance sell chests and add a grinding aspect.



➥ Rename Scrolls
We have removed the old renaming system. This new one is physical. When you obtain a rename scroll, you will have to drag n drop it onto an item to rename it. You can now also trade them with other players!



➥ Spawner Stacking
We heard your complaints about FPS drops and mob lag and decided to implement a Spawner Stacking system!
You may now stack up to 64 spawners of the same type in one block!


➥ Player Warps

The old chat-based player warps system was pretty bug and not very use friendly. We have replaced it with a new one that is GUI-based and allows a lot of configurability. You can even rate a warp! Use /pw help to list all commands.

➥ Economy Changes & Boosters
There have been drastic economy changes. All spawners also have custom drops now. Additionally, we implemented a better booster system that allows you to manage your boosts through a GUI (/booster).


➥ Voting
Voting is now very valuable! Vote x amount of times to reach milestones. Additionally, you will get rewards every single time you vote.



➥ Reset Vaults

As always, you will be to vault your exclusive crate items! You will have 72+ hours to vault your items. This means you can vault:
  • Any item that has "Season Vault Access" in its lore
If your item does not have "Season Vault Access" in its lore, then it means that it will not be allowed inside the vault. Please keep in mind that not all exclusive crate items can be vaulted, some do not have "Season Vault Access" in their lores.

To access the reset vaults, use /vault ingame.

See you on saturday!
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Looks to be a good revamp
Hope i win :)


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Can't wait until season 4! good luck with emporer people!


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IGN: exexeye

Thanks Kanye, Very Cool


Looks great, can't wait! 🤠
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