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NEWS Kingdom Revamp - Furniture, Custom Mobs, Forger, & More

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Hello everyone,
It is time for a new season of Kingdom. Season 5 is packed with new features that aim to make the realm more sociable and more long-term. We are moving away from short seasons & resets globally for the network and this kingdom season was designed with this in mind.

⏰The new kingdom season will be released on Saturday December 12th 2PM EST

🎁Reply with which feature you are most excited about for a chance to be one of the 5 winners to get the EMPEROR/EMPRESS rank
➥ The Isles
Travel to the Isles to meet the most dangerous foes you have yet to face in Minecraft. Progress through five regions, slaying monsters and struggling to stay alive, to win exclusive rewards such as special armor items, spawner cores & fragments, tools, and gems. We will be releasing with 9 monsters, but we are planning on adding alot more right after release so keep an eye out for an announcement on Discord!

Regions in the order of which they will be unlocked: Tangleroots, Sandara, Icehaven, Relicrypts, & Burninglands

As you progress through the regions, monsters will get more dangerous and harder to defeat. You might need a friend!

The monsters will drop:
  • Rare custom tools & armor
  • Spawner fragments
  • Spawner cores
  • and more
A complete list of the monsters, their abilities, and their drops can be found in-game using /isles.

➥ Furniture
This is by far my favorite feature ever added to MineVille. You will now be able to buy furniture from /shop and place it in your kingdom! Time for some extra cool houses, right?

Furniture can be obtained from two ways: crates or ingame shop. Exclusive furniture will be sold in the promotional monthly crates. But don't worry, we are also providing a lot of furniture for the in-game shop and these can be purchased using money.

Any furniture bought/unlocked will be added to your personal storage which can be accessed with /furniture. To place furniture, navigate to the appropriate category and click on the desired item to select a color. You will then get the furniture item in your inventory. If you changed your mind, shift + click on the item to deposit it back into your storage. To place the furniture item, simply click on the block that you wish for it to spawn on. P.S, you can rotate furniture!


Exclusive furniture from promotional crates will carry to any future seasons if Kingdom resets again. Time to unlock a nice range of decorations that will stay with you forever!

➥ Kingdom System

We added some improvements to the core and fixed several bugs to ensure that the main feature of the realm is better than ever.

Interactive Custom Menu
We revamped the kingdom menu. Using MineVille's custom resource pack, we created custom menus that should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate through.

Per-chunk Access
You can now trust players on a per-chunk basis instead of granting access to all of the kingdom's chunks. This new role is called "Trustee" and any player with this role will only be able to build in the chunks they are trusted in. They will not be able to perform actions such as withdrawing/depositing into the kingdom's bank, kicking, banning, etc.
  • To add a trustee to the chunk you are standing on execute /kingdom trust <name>
  • To list all trustees for the chunk you are standing on execute /kingdom trustees or /kingdom trustlist
  • To remove a trustee from the chunk you are standing on execute /kingdom untrust <name>
  • To remove a trustee from any chunks they are trusted on, execute /kingdom untrustall <name>
  • /kingdom claims will also list the trustees for each claim in its lore
  • You can configure three permissions for the trustee role:
    • Block break
    • Block place
    • Interact (opening of chests, etc)
  • Maximum amount of Trustees per kingdom: 5
  • You can increase the limit from the store.
  • There is no limit on how many chunks each trustee can be trusted in.

We added /kingdom like <kingdom name> and /kingdom unlike <kingdom name>. You can like any kingdom you like but you can only like it once. To check how many likes your kingdom has, execute /kingdom likes

You can now list all online kingdoms (kingdoms with atleast 1 member online) by using /kingdom list or /directory. The kingdoms with the most likes will be in the beginning of the menu. Each kingdom listed will have its own banner and description. You can set the banner by holding it in your hand and executing /kingdom setbanner and you can set the description with /kingdom setdesc <description> (only the leader can perform these commands). Clicking on a kingdom in the directory will list its warps.

Other information will be included in the lore of each kingdom including:
  • Bank balance
  • Leader & Co-Leader(s)
  • Team size
  • Amount of claims/Max claims
  • Description
  • Likes

Leader Inactivity
If the leader of a kingdom has been offline for 30 days, the highest ranking member will be made leader instead. For example, if a kingdom has 2 coleaders, 2 mods, and 10 members, then the coleader who has been online most recently will be made leader.

If none of the kingdom members has logged in for 60 days, the kingdom will be disbanded and the land will be unclaimed. Ransacking disbanded kingdoms will not be punishable.

You can now set warps for your kingdom using /kingdom setwarp <name> <price>. Each visitor will be charged the <price> and that will be deposited automatically into your kingdom's bank. Each kingdom can have 2 warps, you can purchase extra warps from the store.

Kicking offline members
We apologize for this bug during season 4 that prevented the kicking offline members of the kingdom. This is now fully fixed in season 5. To kick a member, execute /kingdom kick <name>. To kick a trustee, use /kingdom untrust <name> or /kingdom untrustall <name>

Some of the upgrades did not function as intended such as the Mob loot & mob spawning upgrades. We fixed any problems with the upgrades and we also changed the currency used to purchase them. Instead of using cash to purchase upgrades, you will now have to use Gems.

Summary: New Commands
  • /k trust <name>
  • /k trustees (alias: /k trustlist)
  • /k untrust <name>
  • /k untrustall <name>
  • /k list (alias: /k directory)
  • /k setwarp <name> <price> <icon>
  • /k seticon <warp name> <icon>
  • /k setprice <warp name> <price>
  • /k warps
  • /k warp <kingdom/player> <warp name>
  • /k like <kingdom name>
  • /k unlike <kingdom name>
  • /k likes
➥ Economy
Perhaps the greatest negative of season 4 was the unbalanced economy at the start of the season which prompted an economy reset. We understand that the economy reset upset many and we pledge to never resort to such a measure again. This season, we took time to create something brand new. We are getting rid of the years-old AFK spawner grinding gameplay and replacing it with a new challenging, immersive, and fun system.

Spawner Cores & Fragments
You will no longer be able to purchase spawners using money. Instead, you have to craft the spawners. Each spawner requires 9 fragments + 1 core

For example, to craft a cow spawner, you will 9 spawner fragments and 1 cow spawner core. Fragments can be used for any spawner type, but the core is specialized and must pertain to the specific mob type.

  • Each spawner has a maximum of 50,000 spawns. After 50,000 mobs have spawned from a certain spawner, it will break and you will have to repair it using either money or minebucks.
  • To repair a spawner, you will have to click on it. A menu will open with the two repair options.
  • If you pick up a spawner (break it) after placing it down, it will save the amount of mobs spawned in the lore ("Spawns Left: 10,931").

New Shop Menu
The shop system has been re-hauled. It should now be a lot easier to navigate through the shop and to use all of the options (buying/selling stacks, changing quantity, etc).

Executing /shop will open a menu with two options. The official server marketplace & the player shops directory. Clicking on the official marketplace will teleport you to the market in spawn.

New In-Game Store
We have a brand new Minebucks store. The new in-game store follows the pricing found on the web-store, unlike the old /bucksshop. You can also now buy the non-promotional crate keys. Any sale on the store will also apply to in-game store, but look out for some special in-game store sales!


➥ PvP
Many members of the Minecraft youtuber/twitch/tournament community have embraced the latest combat mechanics and we have also taken the decision to do the same. MineVille will gradually move away from 1.8 PvP as it is very buggy on latest versions. Kingdom will be the first realm to do so. Season 5 will have 1.16.4 PvP, this will also fix the issue of hits not registering and it will allow you to use a multitude of new combat mechanics introduced after 1.8.

➥ Gems
Gems will be the new global secondary currency. It will eventually replace Sparks on Fire & Bubbles on water. On kingdom, you can earn Gems from multiple sources:
  • Farming wheat, cocoa, melons, pumpkins, and sugar cane.
  • Killing mobs (endermites, iron golems, zoglins, piglins, creepers, skeletons, spiders, zombies, cows, sheep, spiders, chickens, etc)
  • Playtime
  • Daily Quests
  • Progression Quests
You can spend your Gems on Kingdom Upgrades, furniture, player tiers, and trading with other players.
➥ Classes
Classes are ingame ranks that require the player to complete various objectives in order to be unlocked. Ranking your class up will unlock access to spawner tiers, commands, extra claims, and more.

The 6 classes are:
  1. Peasant (default)
  2. Farmer
  3. Craftsman
  4. Vassal
  5. Noble
  6. Duke
To unlock classes you will need to have the required amount of Gems, Money, Playtime, and other tasks such as slaying certain monsters in the Isles, farming x amount of crops, and enchanting x times.

Classes will increase your personal claim limit (it is 5 claims by default). They will also unlock access to commands such as /hat and /seen as well as exclusive Happy Cow rewards.


➥ Events & Duels
We added the magic pond event to kingdom as seen on Water, Fire, & Asgard. This new event will replace KoTH. When the pond event starts, use /magicpond or /pond to teleport & get a free fishing rod. You will have to fish for rewards such as mob spawners, cash, gems, and enchantment books.

A new duel type was also added. Use /duel <name> to send a duel request to a player. When it is time to select a kit, you will now be able to select "Current Inventory" kit. This will send you to a duel with your current inventory. If you die, in the duel, you won't lose your inventory.

➥ Performance
The addition of Cullan to our development team has allowed us to optimize our server software to unprecedented levels. The new software will be on season 5 and it should allow us to hold hundreds of players with absolutely no lag. We can't wait to put the system to test! We are grateful for being one of the very few large networks to be able to run on 1.16 despite its horrific performance issues that were ignored by Mojang.

➥ and alot more..
There are so many new items, features, and locations that we cannot realistically cover in the post. We will let you discover them for yourselves on December 12th 2PM EST. See you there!



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Spawner Cores & Fragments
Seems like a great idea. hope everything goes great can't wait to get grinding

James Fire


favourite feature: BB8



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I'm most excited for the custom mobs!


I'm excited for all of it but custom mobs are super cool



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Those new monsters look sick!


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The custom mob forger is dope. Also the classes tho. :)


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I love what you have done, you have basically made Minecraft a whole new game and it looks AMAZING. Can't wait for the new season :)
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Spawner Cores & Fragments very creative way to be able to get spawners and sounds fun and interesting



I'm excited for the furniture, I can't wait to see what builds I can make with them!
Also can't wait for the new mobs!


furniture pretty pog



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I'm soooo excited for the new pvp, I never really liked 1.8 pvp!


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I'm soooo excited for the new pvp, I never really liked 1.8 pvp!


omg so excited to play!


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The furniture will be nice to toy with


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The Isles sound very interesting! I like how interactive it sounds.


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Custom mobs 100%


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I'm looking forward to the Furniture! Can't wait to mess around with all of that.
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