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Kingdom Disbanded because of false accusations ?


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Okay so this is gonna be long to read but recently there was land claimed in the middle of all my land that i had claimed totaling to about 13-16 at the time but the kingdom that claimed the land in the middle of all mine was owo now i dont know how exactly they where able to claim that small piece of land in the middle of all mine then say that i tried surrounding their land on purpose when i had been in the one specific area for nearly a week without seeing anyone near by but apparently they have proof of this matter so if one of them from the owo kingdom sees this then please send the proof to me id love to see the lies and its gonna be pretty annoying if one of the moderators or admins abused their powers to gain in this server.


Hey @FruiTasticle

I’d like to continue this conversation with you on discord for more information as soon as possible. Contact me, #irina2370