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Hey everyone!
We have grown incredibly fast in the past two weeks. Thank you for your support. We have a lot of planned features ready to release as well as new upcoming realm(s). More information on Hell and Water updates will be released soon. I would personally like to thank everyone who has reported, and is still reporting, in-game bugs. We have fixed a multitude of bugs thanks to your reports. We try to get to each and every report so please be patient. Also if you have a donation issue, make sure you come straight to me or @Dacon.

Now let's get into the fun stuff:
The top voters of every month will be rewarded with Minecoins. They get to choose whether they want to keep these Minecoins to trade with players or redeem them for store gift cards. We will also reward the top 3 Islands on the Water Realm every month.

Here are the top voters for January 2019, our first ever month!

1ST PLACE: TheUnholyQc - 154 Votes. Reward: 5,000 Minecoins (Worth $50)

2ND PLACE: BartDePauw - 110 Votes. Reward: 2,500 Minecoins (Worth $25)

3RD PLACE: Krommel - 88 Votes. Reward: 1,500 Minecoins (Worth $15)

3RD PLACE: MarsHasMartians- 88 Votes. Reward: 1,500 Minecoins (Worth $15)

4TH PLACE: Estrogen - 84 Votes. Reward: 1,000 Minecoins (Worth $10)

The top 3 islands (ranked based on island levels) have also been given their own respective rewards.
1ST PLACE: Alienwarezz - 86,248 (Check rewards in game, /is top)

2ND PLACE: iirina - 64,074 (Check rewards in game, /is top)

3RD PLACE: iDecaf - 33,322 (Check rewards in game, /is top)

See you next month!
-Mineville Management
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