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Isles pvp


Hello Mineville players and especially who are pvping against isles mobs,

I saw that many of you dislike the pvp changes (and personally I also dislike this change) and you prefer 1.8 version instead of 1.16. This is not an official poll, but I would like to make felt that this change not as good as they think it is. I also understand their opinion about 1.16, "with 1.8 easy to kill isles mobs", but I think it's not that true. With 1.8 was also harder to kill mobs isles to isles, but with 1.16 it's absurd to kill more than 12 kryknas e.g in a normal enchanted (or even legendary) netherite armor and a sword without armor breaking, so if you have mending on it, you need to repair and come back, than after 12 kills again xp grinding so like this. With 1.8 you also need xp grinding, but not that after few kills and also players can develop. There are crates armor, weapons etc, okay. If it's because of this, I think the people who don't buy crates are in a disadvantage, and with 1.16 won't also buying, if they will dislike the server. I think more people was grateful for 1.8 changing than 1.16 and more player decided to buy crates also and going tho isles etc.

I hope you will help beginners, developing players, veterans etc with attend to our feelings and our gaming experience!

Thank you if you take your time "voting" in this, and even you prefer 1.16 or prefer 1.8 I would like to see your opinions about it. Drop on this a ✔ if you prefer 1.8, and drop on this a ✖ if you prefer 1.16 pvp.

Have a good day and gaming, bye! :)


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1.8 isles is way to easy because you can spam click them to death


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Given the rarity of the most sought-after drops,these changes will encourage players to do one of three things:
ONE: Avoid isles and focus on farming back at their bases to make money,and perhaps save up ingame $ to buy some more powerful,albeit very expensive equipment. (from the auction)
TWO: Get a bunch of players/friends together to form a sort of "tag-team" strategy,sharing drops in the process (for a lone wolf such as myself,this strategy is harder to take advantage of,but nonetheless still effective all things considered and human greed excluded :p)
THREE: The "best" (and most time-efficient method :D)- Buying crates...
I'll admit,I'm not a big fan of this option,as I detest spending money on one of many servers I may or may not return to later- Plus,it encourages the whole "pay to win" aspect of videogames,undermining skill and encouraging usage of ones credit card more often,assuming they even HAVE that kind of money.

TL;DR: Reinstating 1.8 combat for isles gives players (especially f2p-s) a better chance at gaining more gear,while still enjoying the game. Reverting these new "changes" would likely improve the community's morale and encourage positive user feedback in the future.