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iSamGaming's Helper Application


New member
User name: iSamGaming

What is your username? iSamGaming_

Which realm are you applying for?
Kingdom Survival

What time zone do you live in? Eastern Standard Time

What is your first name? Samuel

How old are you? 20

What is your discord username? SamIAm#1975

Have you created any previous applications? If so, please link them here.

Why do you want to become a staff member on MineVille?
I have been playing on this server for more then a year now and every time I see a Mod/Helper they are all so nice, helpful and just makes me feel welcomed, I would want everyone on the server to feel that way about me. I would want them to look at me and think "Wow he's so nice and helpful"

What are three qualities that you have that make you stand out from the other applicants? I have amazing Customer service skills, which means I work well with any bad situation that I may come across
My real job is An assistant park ranger so I have a lot of management skills. taking charge and making sure everyone is obeying the rules but is still enjoying what they do
I'm just a very outgoing person, I'm a people person.

How many hours a day can you dedicate to Mineville?
I normally play 2-4 hours a day on the server but I can dedicate more hours if needed

How long have you been playing on Mineville?
Since July of 2019

Have you ever been banned or punished on our server or any of our other platforms? (Describe the situation/s)
Never had any bans, kicks, mutes, etc.

Do you have any past experience of being a staff member?
I was a helper for a server that is no longer running "Very sad"
it was a server that came out with the first murderer mini game
Which was back in 2016 when I last heard from them

Are you able to use some form of screenshot/recording software?

SCENARIO ONE: You are the only staff member online on any realm, and a report comes in from another realm that you are not familiar with and have no permissions on. What do you do?
Get information on what the situation is while trying to contact a Mod/Admin that does have permissions to that realm.

SCENARIO TWO: You ban a player and them and their friends start messaging you calling you a bad staff member and telling you that you should unban them. What do you do?
I would Apologize to the friends but inform them that rules are rules and then contact a Mod/Admin about the situation I am dealing with just in case i would need their help for harassment.

Are you aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic rejection of this application?


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Very well written application! Best of luck on getting accepted!