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NEWS Impostor Minigame (1.0 Release)


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Hello everyone,
We have very exciting news to share. MineVille is ready to release its first minigame: Impostor. We have been working really hard, defying what was previously thought to be impossible within the limitations of vanilla Minecraft, to create an experience that will differ from any other minigame you have played on Minecraft: Java Edition. Impostor is a Minecraft spin on the popular game Among Us. While it is designed to uphold the overall structure of the original game, it also introduces necessary changes to make the game more fun and suitable for Minecraft players.

Hop on PLAY.MINEVILLE.ORG on the latest version (you can choose to play with versions no lower than 1.14) and make sure to accept the resource pack. You will only have to download the resource pack once. You do not need any mods to play Impostor. Use the selector in the hub to join one of the Impostor lobbies.

When you join a game, you will be assigned one of two roles, Impostor or Crewmate. Crewmates have to complete the tasks they are assigned as fast as possible while the Impostor(s) try to sabotage the spaceship and kill them off without being detected. Crewmates are able to report dead bodies and initiate Emergency meetings when they think they have seen enough evidence against one of the players. Be cautioned that you will only be able to call 1 emergency meeting during a game (excluding meetings from reporting dead bodies).

There are currently 6 game types. 3 Public and 3 private. For the public games, there are games of 10, 7, and 5 players. If you are the leader of a party, your members will follow you to any public game you join.

To create a 10, 7, or 5 players private game, the party leader must be a VIP player and they have to click on the private NPCs themselves. A private lobby will be created and all party members will be sent there. No other players will be able to join.


Pre-game Lobby
You will have to wait in the pre-game lobby before the required minimum amount of players i met. Once there are enough players, a 30 seconds countdown will being for the game to start. In the pregame lobby you can choose a skin & color (VIP Perk), and choose a hat (VIP Perk), or return to lobby.

There are two chat channels: Alive and Dead. Dead players will be able to see each others' messages and the alive players' messages but the alive players will not be able to see the dead players' messages.



Each crewmate is given 1 Individual Task 4 Common Tasks. Multiple crewmate can have variations of the some common task while the individual tasks are assigned to only one individual. Tasks are designed to be straightforward and easy, requiring minimal effort. However, you may need to walk across the map alot to complete the tasks so make sure you get moving before the Impostor reigns over the spaceship.

In a game of 10 players, there are 25 tasks to be completed. Once completed, the crewmates win. Impostors have to make it harder for crewmates to finish the task by killing them off, turning them against each other, or using the sabotages.

Example task

A wiki for the tasks will be posted soon on our forums. Meanwhile, we have added three systems to help you navigate to your tasks.

1. Glowing blocks: You will see small glowing blocks across the map. These glowing blocks are there to guide you to the task.

2. Task Compass: The compass will allow you to choose what task is activated and will also point towards where you have to go to finish the task.

3. Static Map: This map will show the outline of the spaceship. It will not show where you are currently standing on the map.

If a crewmate disconnects from the game, their tasks are removed from the total task count, making it fair for the rest of the crewmates. However, if a crewmate dies, they will still have to complete their tasks.

Impostors have the Sabotage Menu in their inventory once the game starts. They can start a sabotage 45 seconds after the game starts and they have to wait for 45 seconds between sabotages. There are currently five sabotages:

Oxygen Sabotage: Once initiated, the crewmates have 1 minute 30 seconds to reboot the oxygen systems of the ship. 2 glowing blocks will appear on the map above the O2 system computers. Click on the red button under the glowing block to enter the pin. Click on the numbers to cycle through 0-9 until you have the complete right sequence. Failure to reboot both systems before the countdown will result in Impostors winning.

Doors Sabotage: The impostor can lock any room they wish. The doors for that room will shut and no one will be able to leave these rooms or enter them for 60 seconds. Those in the room will get a notification and a countdown. Crewmates outside that room will not know that the room has been locked.

Lights Sabotage: Once initiated, the lights for the whole ship will be turned off. 5 glowing blocks will appear. Crewmates have to go to these glowing blocks and turn on the levers in the Electrical room to successfully reboot lights or they can wait for 60 seconds until the system automatically reboots. Watch your back because the Impostors will be lurking in the dark waiting to kill you. Impostors will not be blinded.

Aliens Sabotage: The impostor can also let aliens on board of the ship. 5 aliens will spawn in random locations on the ship. All crewmates will be supplied with laser guns. The aliens must all be killed within 60 seconds or the impostors will win.

Speed Sabotage: This sabotage will mess with the rotation of the spaceship, thus causing imbalance with the gravitational force. Crewmates will be given slowness for 60 seconds while the impostor will be faster. Impostors must take care though, because if seen walking fast while everyone else is slow they will be easily recognized!
We will be adding more fun sabotages on future releases! Let us know what sabotages you would like to see in the game.
Venting System
Each 3 rooms are connected by a vent system. There is a total of 12 rooms, thus 4 vent systems. For example, Workspace, Medbay, and Meeting rooms are all connected by one vent system. The impostor has to click on the vent to enter it. A closing/opening animation will occur, so if any crewmates are nearby, they will know if someone used the vent and you will be exposed. Once in the vent, you can walk to other rooms. There are signs with the names of each room, clicking those signs will make you spectate the room without getting out of the vent. Carefully spectate the room before you decide to exit the vent or you will be easily caught if the crewmate runs to initiate an Emergency Meeting.


Killing & Reporting Dead Bodies
Impostors can kill crewmates within 2.5 blocks radius. Simply click on the "Kill Crewmate" item on your inventory if you are the impostor to instantly kill the crewmate. You must be really careful to make sure no one sees you near the dead body (or you can also report the dead body and act like someone else killed the crewmate!).

One a dead body is reported, an Emergency meeting starts. All crewmates will be exited out of their activate tasks and teleport to the round table in the middle of the map. Meetings may only last for up to 120 seconds. The hotbar will have all the color options to vote for. You can also Shift + Left Click to skip vote. You must click on a color twice to vote for it.

Chat is enabled during the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the vote tally will be posted in chat. You will be able to see how many votes each person received and who voted for them (time to destroy some friendships). For someone to be ejected, they must receive the majority vote of those who voted (excluding those who skipped). For example, if Red receives 3 votes and yellow receives 2 votes and 3 people skip, Red will be ejected.


Leveling System:
You receive experience points for the following actions:
  • Killing a crewmate: 5 XP
  • Completing a task: 5 XP (up to 25 per game)
  • Reporting a dead body: 5 XP
  • Initiating a sabotage: 5 XP
  • Winning as crewmate: 25 XP
  • Winning as impostor: 35 XP

Every 10 levels, the increment will increase by +50 points. For example, between level 1 and 10, the XP required for each level will go up by 50.
  • Level 1-9 = +50 XP per level
  • Level 10-19 = +100 XP per level
  • Level 20-29 = +150 XP per level
  • Level 30-39 = +200 XP per level
  • etc
Your level is displayed on the scoreboard in the Impostor Lobbies. It is also displayed next to your name in chat.


We have added five leaderboards to the Impostor lobbies. There you can see Top tasks completed, Top game wins, Top amount of sabotages initiated, Top crewmate kills, and Top levels. Leaderboards will not reset. Please allow several minutes for leaderboards to update after you finish a game.

Custom Skins & Hats
We added a fun custom skin system that allows you to change the skin of whichever color you choose during the pre-game lobby. Skins currently available:
  • Yellow: Spongebob & Minion
  • Pink: Patrick from Spongebob
  • White: Olaf from Frozen
  • Lime: Wazowski from Monster Inc
  • Black: Batman
We will be adding a lot more skins in the very near future. You can unlock skins by purchasing a Minigame Crate, however you will only be to use skins if you are VIP.

  • PizzaMC: Project lead, level & map design
  • CullanP: Plugin & server software development
  • xFrogSoup: Resource pack engineer & map design
  • xDacon, Marcel, PizzaMC: Backend setup
  • Boomclaw: Parties system


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