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I'm new and looking to join a faction


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A bit about me:
  • My ingame name is Inaneite (pronounced inane-ite, if anyone cares).
  • I first started playing Minecraft when it was originally released and then quit out of boredom about 6 years ago.
  • I played on various servers for a while so I know how to play nice and not be a jerk.
  • I also use to be an admin on a server for about 2 years so I can really emphasize with the crap the Mods/Admins have to put up with. All of that has made me a really laid back kind of player.
  • I've already read the server rules and, to me, most seem like common sense. But then again, those are the rules that I commonly play by in any online game that I play. I don't like creating conflict for players or staff alike.
Anyway, I've started playing again after such a long time because it's relaxing. I'm not good at building, but the monotony of endlessly digging for materials doesn't bother me at all. It's not about getting the riches, but finding the riches that makes the game fun. Other than making a better pickaxe, I don't care who get's the materials after I find them. If anybody has a faction that needs somebody willing to find random materials for them to build with and basically do nothing else, I'm your guy. I'm part molerat, it's what I do.