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How to play Asgard Prison (Season 2)

Hello there!

My name is TheMelonAssassin or Melon and I'm here to help new players out in their journey to become a better player at Asgard Prison. For that I am using the tutorial you can do at spawn, the things I learned playing Asgard and the tips and tricks I have acquired from other players. I hope this will be useful given the tutorial is a bit tricky to understand.

This guide will consist of 8 parts
  1. The three currencies Asgard uses
  2. Upgrading your pickaxe
  3. Mines and rebirths
  4. Auction house and shop
  5. Kilton and slayer
  6. Towns
  7. Underworld and Magic Pond
  8. Some need to knows
1. Asgard currencies

Dollars are gathered by selling the ores, blocks and other items you gathered from mining, farming crops, killing animals, crates or creating automatic farms. You will need different amounts of money to rank up, each rank will be more and more expensive. The last thing I’d like to add here is that /pay is disabled on the server, so no we can’t help you out with donating two million when you join.

Energy is gathered by mining (each block mined will give one energy unless you have trench), selling on the auction house or from crates. It is used for upgrading your pickaxe, buying things on the auction house or even some services from other players. Energy is key in the economy of Asgard, but I will talk about that later.

Bucks is the last and least common used currency, but are server wide. You get them from voting, buying them of people or winning events. One buck equals to one US penny . At the moment you can only use bucks to trade with others. One buck also equals to 1k - 2k energy if you want to buy or sell them. These bucks cannot be used to obtain crate keys. To see the commands for bucks do /minebucks.

2. Upgrading your pickaxe

Upgrading your pickaxe can only be done by using energy, currently you can do 7 different upgrades on your pickaxe. There is no perfect way to upgrade your pickaxe. Right click your pickaxe or do /exchange to get started.

The first thing you should upgrade is fortune (1600 x level), it will make filling your inventory much faster, and of course getting more money. You should focus on getting fortune to in between 10 and 15 before moving getting something else.

This season trench was fixed, so the next thing you should get is the trench upgrade (800k energy). This will not only fill your inventory faster because it mines a 3x3 region, it will also give you 3x more energy!

After this it is up to personal preference, both speed and haste are good options, as well as autoblocking. Maxing fortune is a must if you want to maximize getting money.

Unbreaking isn't a must since you can /efix (explained underneath). As for custom enchants, both experienced and reforged are viable options. If you get your hands on a Reforged V or higher make sure to add it to your pickaxe, it will make it unbreakable for the rest of the season!

You can repair your pickaxe by doing /efix or right clicking your pickaxe and finding the anvil. This will cost 100k every time. If you don't have 100k laying around just go ahead and ask in chat if someone is willing to repair, I am sure someone will help you!

3. Mines and rebirths

The prison of Asgard consists of 10 normal mines and one donator mine. The ranks can be seen doing /ranks and go from Peasant to God. A full rankup from Peasant to God costs 22 million. After this you can chose to rebirth using the /rebirth command. At the Farmer rank you unlock /town, at Blacksmith /blacksmith, at Hunter /slayer, at Legend /underworld and at God /rebirth.

Rebirths are the prestiges on Asgard and can be seen on /rebirth (note that these are still very bugged, some will not give rewards. Currently you can do 11 different challenges. I will list all 11 here:
  • Iduns challenge (25 million to rebirth, 50 Golden Apples) will give you an extra kit containing 5 dragonfruit by doing /kit magicbomb every 24 hours.
  • Tyrs challenge (25 million to rebirth, 10k mobs slain, this is easy to combine with leveling /slayer up). This will give you the wolf pet and the ability to ride any pet you can get.
  • Vidars challenge (25 million to rebirth, 75 players killed) will give you the Slayer tag in /tags and the /back command (this is broken at the moment). You can always go to /warp pvp to fight other people, but boosting the kills is not allowed and will get you a ban for 3 days.
  • Thors challenge (25 million to rebirth, Ancient Trials completed), to complete the trials you will have to be warrior rank (rank V). You can acces those by doing /trials, I recommend reading OrionAlters guide on it here, it also explains the use of ancient tokens. The axe you obtain by completing trials is the best weapon in the game after lightsabers and thor's hammer.
  • Friggs challenge (25 million to rebirth, level 70 mining level). You can check your mining level by doing /level. By doing this challenge you unlock the ability to buy the trench book in /exchange.
  • Freyas challenge (25 million to rebirth, 75 hugs received),, to complete this rebirth 75 players need to do /hug (your ign), these hugs reset every day at 8pm EST. You can always check your hugs amount by doing /hugs. If you complete this rebirth you will receive the loved tag in /tags and the love aura in /aura
  • Freyrs challenge (25 million to rebirth, 5000 wheat harvested) will unlock /minions, these are used to automate tasks in your town. You don't get the farmer minion when doing the rebirth, but by making a ticket in discord or on the forums it can be given manually. The challenge only requires you to plant the seeds, not to harvest it, so you can break and place them infinitly.
  • Aegirs challenge (25 million to rebirth, 150 fish caught) will give you a pretty good helmet and the ocean helix aura (obtainable in /aura).
  • Lokis challenge (25 million to rebirth, 200 exp levels) will let you keep your levels when you die. The basic animal disguises are not available.
  • Njords challenge (75 million to rebirth) gives you the sell booster.
  • Odins challenge (25 million to rebirth, all rebirth challenges , 39 achievements completed and slayer level 10) will give you stars in your rebirth count and Odin's aura in /aura. Juttenheim world is currently not available. You can check your achievements in /a.
4. Auction house and shop

This is the place to be when you want to gain some extra energy or spend some to get extra items that will help you proceed in your journey. To visit auction house do /ah. To sell something you will have to hold the item in your hand and do /ah sell (price in energy) (amount). Be careful for scammers, you can lose lots of energy on here.

By running /shop you gain acces to the main GUI for everything surrounding buying and selling, from blocks to build in your town to spawners to AFK. You can also acces the custom enchants shop, as well as the trials token shop and the soul shop from /kilton.

5. Kilton and slayer

Kilton has two purposes that evolve around mob heads:
  • The first and most important thing is your slayer level (/slayer). At first you can only kill pigs and buy pigspawners. Each level unlocks new mobs and new spawners but demands more heads turned in. Each mob has a 10% droprate. To upgrade your slayer please make a ticket with evidence of you meeting the requirements as it has to be upgraded manually.
  • The mobheads you gain can also be used in /kilton to trade into souls, these will be used to buy perks from the kilton shop like /fly for 1 hour. Take note here that the Mystic Armor will not appear in your inventory if you buy it, same with the ancient key. You can only sell mobheads in /underworld by doing /kilton.
6. Towns

Towns are the new plots from this season. You can use those to build farms, cool builds or other things. By doing /town create you can get started by creating one, after that /town is used to acces the GUI.

I will explain the three most important ones here:
  • Town levels are used to upgrade your town level. You need to upgrade those to place higher and better spawners. as well as town upgrades. Lastly there's a /town top where you can compete for the top town!
  • Town upgrades are used to gain better perks for your town such as more hoppers or faster crop grow speed. Each upgrade will cost more and more, but in return give a good advantage.
  • Quests are used to upgrade town members limit and town border size and even some minions. There's also a weekly quest for 15k energy.
7. Underworld and Magic Pond

The Underworld is the new PvP mine added to Asgard Prison. Here you can gain multiple cool items like obsidean gear and moneypouches. You can also mine emerald blocks, but be aware of the strong mobs and players roaming around to kill you! You can access the underworld by doing /underworld once you reach Legend rank.

The Magic Pond is another new feature added to Asgard Prison. At 10 AM EST, 2PM and 6PM EST you can compete at /warp pond for crate keys, spawners, a cool title, etc. The catch is to catch as much stuff that flies out of the pond as possible. You can get a fishingrod by doing /kit fishingrod.

8. Some need to knows

  • If you ever tend to lose your keystone (the compass), its menu can be used doing /keystone or pressing F.
  • A complete list of all the custom enchants on Asgard Prison can be found here, credits to @AlasNeo for making it!
  • A list of (all) vaultables and info about reset can be found here, credits to JordynIsHype for making it possible!
  • /dr works again! You can get up to 50 mb every week by completing simple play time tasks.
I will make sure to add more information on here when I see certain questions passing by in the chat!

Have a good day and have fun on Asgard
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Thanks melly!
Useful as always, thanks for taking the time to write this out!