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Hiya there!


Hiya, my name’s Cass, but I’m also known as Waiinut/Nut when online.

I’m sure some of you may recognise me if you’re Aussie/in a timezone close to that and play Water Skyblock a bit, or even just lurk around the server’s voice chats. I have a fair bit of experience with building, as you can see at my /is warp (wink wink), and I am always happy to help newer players/if you have any problems!

I can’t wait to get to meet and talk to you all in this wonderful server! If you ever see me in game, in the forums or on discord, feel free to message me in DMs/Msg for whatever, I’ll usually respond pretty quickly as I’m online most of the time and I’m always up for a chat.
My DMs are always open!

Thank you for reading my introduction, I hope you have a wonderful day/night! 💕(◕▿◕✿)


Water Poseidon
I recognize you from when I met MicahKoritz


It's nice to meet you :)


Nice to meet you Waiinut! I hope to see you on Water in the future!