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hi,i'm souls7777 but you can just call me soul.

until now I have never been able to find a Minecraft server that I can make my own really,until now that is.
I have been on the server a couple times but it would just get on get off you know,like I always did until yesterday that I saw their factions and decided to try it ..and i liked it.

I don't know if it was a different mindset or what but I can actually have fun on Minecraft servers now,I have probably been rambling on forever at this point so here's some stuff about me.

1: I am not a melee PVPer at all,my pvp skills with swords is very bad but with bows I'm pretty good and I can probably get better at it eventually since I have a better mindset now.

2:I'm a brony, don't judge me please!?

3:I'm a all around good person and very friendly,and I like to spread love around everywhere?

4:my favorite colors are purple and midnight blue(trust me on this,that gives a lot of information.)

and 5:I like to be considered female so please call me that.

so that's it!I hope I get to know at least some of you!?


Hi Soul!! Nice to meet you, and I'm glad you are enjoying you're time on Mineville!! :)