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Hello there!


Hello, my name is AncientOak,

I've started playing on this server for the past week, I enjoy it.
But this is not about how much I play or how well I perform in-game I want you to know me better as a person.
I'm a high school student and I perform well in school, leaving me with good grades and a lot of spare time to play video games and hang out with friends.

I am an experienced player and have played Minecraft since 2012, and I started playing multiplayer around 2013. I was very young back then and I've learned so much from playing the game.
English isn't my first language since I am Swedish, I play a Swedish sport called floorball. It's kinda like hockey but indoor without skies, and it's not as though with tackles, etc. I'm a very helpful person and I love helping others with things like answering questions or help them with their homework and how they should think. That's a bit about myself if you've got any question or wanna know more about me feel free to ask. Looking forward to seeing you in-game.

Kind regards,