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Hello! I'm Cat.


✨ Hello! ✨
So, my husband and I started playing Mineville last night, and have been really enjoying the community, and I thought I would make an introduction post. UwU

My IGN is Kawaii_Wifi, and you can call me Kawaii, Wifi, Cat or Catalina. I am 24 years old and have been enjoying towny-economy servers since 2012. I have also been staff on a couple, but would rather relax and play the game for now. I am a freelance artist and animator as well.~

My husband is a bit more quiet in the game, but he is a critical care paramedic in real life, and a music producer in his spare time. :3

I hope to enjoy the server for a while! If you want to get to know me more just ask! ^_^​


Application accepted, you may join Crabclan in factions


I think its awesome you and your husband share the passion of minecraft! I am also very new to the server and hope to see you in game! I am 24 and I'm so glad to hear that older players are enjoying this server.


Welcome to Mineville! I hope you enjoy the server,and I hope you stick around.


Hi! And welcome to Mineville! I'm a helper on the kingdom realm. If you ever on when i am shoot me a message and say hi! I hope you both enjoy the server as much as i do :)