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Hai there


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Hello friends. Just wanted to pop by and introduce myself. The name is Lexi Marie.
I am newer to MC however I used to be rather huge into gaming, modding etc etc (mostly diablo 2)
Started MC a few weeks ago and chose Mineville as my first server (loving it great work!) Everyone on the server seems extremely helpful and kind, kudos.

Currently there is only two of us in our group but we're hoping to make some more friends and have them join us. We are also taking on a couple fun projects randomly /wilding around setting up little starter sheds for new players being a new server, and I must say it's been rather fun.

Outside gaming i'm learning music production and also do some Photoshop here and there.

Anyways nice to meet erry one, hoping you all have a beautiful day and I will see you around! :)


Water Sailor
Welcome, enjoy your stay! Best of luck with your projects.