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I have played Mineville for almost a year now, and over the past few months, I have never seen it so bad. There have been so many problems and glitches that are ruining the server. Along with that, the player base has dropped by mor than half. I have also heard from many people that PizzaMC does not care about this server and I hope it’s not true. I apologize if anything comes across as offensive, but I think that everything I have written needs to be addressed.

Over the past few months, there have been multiple “wipes” where people’s player vaults were cleared for no apparent reason. The first was explained as a malfunction with the server, which resulted in the loss of player data. Many people lost hundreds of dollars of vault items that were in their player vaults. We were informed that you would not be returning the lost items but instead, we would be given the items we had in our reset vault the previous season and reimbursement. This was okay for most of us, but the problem is nobody received the said items when the reset came. None of the items that were deleted were returned though they had more than sufficient proof of the items being deleted. This in my opinion is absolute BS. There is no reason for the items to not be returned.

There have also been unfair bans. The case I am covering is concerning HunterTS. He was Permanently banned from the server for Exploitation. Under normal circumstances, I would agree that it was exploiting. He placed thousands of island levels with the world edit perk. When he did it, the world edit perk had been turned off for a long time. He first came across it when he was told by another person, Voicezz. He was unaware that it was against the rules, since placing level blocks was enabled. Then after he was banned the three other people who were placing blocks were unbanned, yet Hunter was not. I understand that he had 3 previous permanent bans, but they were not valid bans. One of which he was banned for crashing the server when in fact he was not the one who did it. It was Elenapr_7. The other ban was for placing emerald ore then removing it for the double drop chance. Once again, he was unaware that it was not allowed but this time, he was told by staff that it was okay. The other ban was just a ban and unban concerning the same incident. That means that the only ban that could be considered valid is the final ban, yet it makes no sense as to why he was not unbanned because staff did know about the ability to place level blocks with world edit, and it should have just been disabled.

Another problem is the constant lag. I have been playing here since season 3 and never has the lag on this server been so bad. I cannot even go to the spawn without my game freezing, and I have a very good Wi-Fi and computer. As a result of the lag, these constant wipes, on top of the gameplay not being as good as previous seasons, the player base has dwindled to less than half of what it used to be. I have always loved playing on this server and always will and I hate to see it dying and going so far downhill.

Not only is there lag, but there are so many problems that need to be fixed. One of these is the armor buffs on the Notch, Safari, Turkey, and Heroic armor sets. People paid for these items, yet they do not get to enjoy the benefits of the armor. Why even put those buffs on the armor if you are not going to make them work? Please pardon my referencing of another server, but Mana Cube, another server owned by xDacon, has the same stuff, yet I have not seen anywhere near as many problems there. Another glitch that needs to be fixed is on Asgard Prisons. I remember when it first came out; everyone was extremely excited to play it. Everyone was grinding their way up to get the trench enchant but when they got there and purchased it, they found out they could not use it. This ruined it for a lot of the players because it was an important thing to have. Now Asgard rarely goes over 20 players.

More recently there has been another (in my opinion) serious problem. You removed a lot of the chat colors. People had paid lots of money to get the chat colors only to have them taken away and receive nothing for them. I understand that you kept the plain chat colors but the special ones were some of the favorites because they were special. In fact, the crate that went away right before the season 7 reset (the Easter crate) had chat colors available in it. It does not make any sense to me. Why would you release a new chat color only to take it away in like a month? This goes for the perk “world edit” too. For those of you who don't know you can get a refund for your purchase of world edit. I find it very disappointing to see all these things taken away from players who have spent hundreds of dollars on this server. If you want to remove things, instead of taking the things away why do not you just stop selling the things and allow those who purchased the stuff to keep it?

There are many other problems that I have not addressed, but these were some of the major ones. With all the vault wipes, lag, glitches, and removal of purchased things, I think Mineville is no longer as great as it was when I joined. It really is no longer fun to play, and it is very disappointing to me because this was the first server I ever played on, and to this day is my favorite server. Please understand that I did not write this up to disrespect the server or staff in any way. I wrote this because I see this server dying, and I care about this server.

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