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NEWS Fire Skyblock Revamp

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new generater system seems cool hopefully isnt gated by a ton of island points


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I love the new isles feature because it adds a whole new element to skyblock!


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I'm excited to see how gems work rather than sparks.


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Would really like that rank, i am liking the current system being used in kingdoms so i would like it in fire too
ign: Sorryyy


Love the new updates to Fire love dragons and the store/trade area looks great,
and would love the rank.


New season looks great!!! Its clear a lot of new developments are being made! Isles looks awesome, can't wait to try killing the dragons. Haven't played much fire Skyblock yet but I'm definitely going to try it out this season!
IGN: BenTheHen1


The furniture feature looks super cool!
The addition and revamp of PVP and Last Player Standing sounds fantastic! I am brand new to the server so I've yet to adventure into any other section besides Kingdoms but now I can't wait to see what else is out there!


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The isles sound like the most interesting one


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I am most excited about the furniture and isles because it offers something new rather than regular minecraft!


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OMG, finally an island bank ^^


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Isles is a cool feature and i like how active players will be more rewarded throu it....Hope itll be more balanced than on kingdom cause 2% chance of getting a rare drop and the rare drope being 6 Iron Ingots or 2 Diamonds makes 0 sense


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Hello everyone,
Fire Skyblock will be resetting and undergoing a revamp similar to Kingdom's on Sunday December 20th. The revamp is part of our network-wide mission in prolonging gameplay while adding a multitude of side-features to keep the experience fun. In addition to the revamping of Kingdom, Fire, & Water, we will also be rolling out content on a bi-weekly basis on the realms to keep the gameplay fresh; expect releases of furniture sets, new isle monsters & drops, nether resets, and other updates frequently.

We fix bugs within 48 hours of their reports, so please make sure that you report any bug/glitch/exploit that you find on discord or ingame through /smsg.

🎁Reply with which feature you are most excited about for a chance to be one of the 5 winners to get the WITHER rank

➥ The Isles

Travel to the Isles to meet the most dangerous foes you have yet to face in Minecraft. Progress through five regions, slaying monsters and struggling to stay alive, to win exclusive rewards such as special armor items, spawner cores & fragments, tools, and gems. We will be releasing with 15 monsters, but we are planning on adding alot more in the future.

Regions in the order of which they will be unlocked: Tangleroots, Sandara, Icehaven, Relicrypts, & Burninglands

As you progress through the regions, monsters will get more dangerous and harder to defeat. You might need a friend!

The monsters will drop:
  • Rare custom tools & armor
  • Black & White scrolls
  • Rename Scrolls
  • Magic Dust
  • Spawner fragments
  • Spawner cores
  • and more
A complete list of the monsters, their abilities, and their drops can be found in-game using /isles.

Be advised, PvP is enabled in the Burninglands region. However, Keep Inventory is turned on.

➥ Furniture
Furniture can be obtained from two ways: crates or ingame shop. Exclusive furniture will be sold in the promotional monthly crates. But don't worry, we are also providing a lot of furniture for the in-game shop and these can be purchased using Minebucks.

Any furniture bought/unlocked will be added to your personal storage which can be accessed with /furniture. To place furniture, navigate to the appropriate category and click on the desired item to select a color. You will then get the furniture item in your inventory. If you changed your mind, shift + click on the item to deposit it back into your storage. To place the furniture item, simply click on the block that you wish for it to spawn on. P.S, you can rotate furniture!

➥ Island System
We added some improvements to the core and fixed several bugs to ensure that the main feature of the realm is better than ever.

Interactive Custom Menu
We revamped the island menu. Using MineVille's custom resource pack, we created custom menus that should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate through.

Island Leveling
Purchase levels for your island to place higher on the leaderboard & meet requirements for classes. Leveling getting harder the higher level you are, time for some challenge right?

We added /island like <island name> and /island unlike <island name>. You can like any island you like but you can only like it once. To check how many likes your island has, execute /is likes.

You can now list all online islands (islands with atleast 1 member online) by using /is list or /directory. The islands with the most likes will be in the beginning of the menu. Each island listed will have its own banner and description. You can set the banner by holding it in your hand and executing /is setbanner and you can set the description with /is setdesc <description> (only the leader can perform these commands). Clicking on an island in the directory will list its warps.

Other information will be included in the lore of each island including:
  • Bank balance
  • Leader & Co-Leader(s)
  • Team size
  • Radius
  • Warps Amount
  • Description
  • Likes
Leader Inactivity
If the leader of an island has been offline for 30 days, the highest ranking member will be made leader instead. For example, if an island has 2 coleaders, 2 mods, and 10 members, then the coleader who has been online most recently will be made leader.

Island Bank
You can now deposit & withdraw money to the Island bank which will be shared with all island members. Use /is bank for more information.

You can now set warps for your island using /is setwarp <name> <price>. Each visitor will be charged the <price> and that will be deposited automatically into your island's bank. Each island can have 2 warps, you can purchase extra warps from the store.

Kicking offline members
We apologize for this bug during season 1 that prevented the kicking offline members of the island. This is now fully fixed in season 2. To kick a member, execute /is kick <name>.

Some of the upgrades did not function as intended such as the Mob loot & mob spawning upgrades. We fixed any problems with the upgrades and we also changed the currency used to purchase them. Instead of using cash to purchase upgrades, you will now have to use Gems.

➥ Cobblestone Generators
We added 5 extra cobblestone generator tiers and re-balanced the percentages. Your island will automatically unlock a new tier based on its level. Each tier will spawn more valuable ores, generating more income.

Execute /gen ingame to check the percentages for each ore type. You can also access this menu through the /island dashboard.

➥ Classes
Classes are ingame ranks that require the player to complete various objectives in order to be unlocked. Ranking your class up will unlock access to spawner tiers, commands, radius boosts, and more.

To unlock classes you will need to have the required amount of Gems, Money, Playtime, and other tasks such as slaying certain monsters in the Isles, crafting x amount of spawners, killing x amount of players, etc.

Classes will increase your island radius. They will also unlock access to commands such as /hat and /seen as well as exclusive Happy Cow rewards.

Class up to win Minebucks!


➥ Economy
To balance the economy better & ensure that it can withstand months and months while upholding fair gameplay, we implemented some very needed changes.

Spawner Cores & Fragments
You will no longer be able to purchase spawners using money. Instead, you have to craft the spawners. Each spawner requires 9 fragments + 1 core

For example, to craft a cow spawner, you will 9 spawner fragments and 1 cow spawner core. Fragments can be used for any spawner type, but the core is specialized and must pertain to the specific mob type.
  • Each spawner has a maximum of 50,000 spawns. After 50,000 mobs have spawned from a certain spawner, it will break and you will have to repair it using either money or minebucks.
  • To repair a spawner, you will have to click on it. A menu will open with the two repair options.
  • If you pick up a spawner (break it) after placing it down, it will save the amount of mobs spawned in the lore ("Spawns Left: 10,931").

New Shop Menu
The shop system has been re-hauled. It should now be a lot easier to navigate through the shop and to use all of the options (buying/selling stacks, changing quantity, etc).

Executing /shop will open a menu with two options. The official server marketplace & the player shops directory. Clicking on the official marketplace will teleport you to the market in spawn.

New In-Game Store
We have a brand new Minebucks store. We know most of you were upset about not being able to generate giftcards anymore. Therefore, the new in-game store follows the pricing found on the web-store, unlike the old /bucksshop. You can also now buy the non-promotional crate keys. Any sale on the store will also apply to in-game store, but look out for some special in-game store sales!

➥ The Nether
A new, fresh 20,000 x 20,000 nether world will be available on release. Simply build a nether portal on your island to teleport. PvP will be enabled in this world and be advised that any valuables kept in this world can be taken by other players who will face no punishment.

➥ Minions
We removed the Feeder minions. In order to keep your minions functioning, you will have to "feed" them with either money or minebucks. The three types of minions on sale will be:
  1. Collector Minion - Deposits all drops in its radius to a linked chest or sell chest
  2. Slayer Minion - Kills all nearby mobs & saves the XP (mobs killed by slayer minions will not drop fragments or cores)
  3. Miner Minion - Mines cobblestone generators and deposits the drops in a linked chest
➥ Last Player Standing & PvP
The pvp-based Last Player Standing event will be added to Fire Season 2 as well. All participating players are teleported to an arena where the last three players standing receive monetary and key rewards.

Additionally, we have upgraded our combat systems to 1.16 which should fix hit registers and also allow you to utilize all the new combat mechanics introduced after 1.8. You will also now be able to use the off-hand, a feature which was disabled due to 1.8 pvp.

➥ Gems
Gems are the new global secondary currency, replacing Sparks on fire. You can earn Gems from multiple sources:
  • Farming wheat, cocoa, melons, pumpkins, and sugar cane.
  • Killing mobs (iron golems, zoglins, piglins, creepers, skeletons, spiders, zombies, cows, sheep, spiders, chickens, etc)
  • Playtime
  • Daily Quests
  • Island Quests
  • Isle Monster Kills
You can spend your Gems on Island Upgrades, furniture, classes, and trading with other players. For more information on the rates of gem earning, execute /gems

➥ Other Bug Fixes
  • Fixed visitors being able to access barrels on islands
  • Fixed inability to kick offline coops or members
  • Fixed inability to interact with minecarts in own island
  • Fixed rename scroll & custom enchantments incompatibilities
  • Removed the auto-teleport to spawn on y1 and under
  • Fixed daily quests not counting wheat broken correctly
  • Fixed players being invisible when they teleport to other worlds
➥ Optimizations
The addition of Cullan to our development team has allowed us to optimize our server software to unprecedented levels. The new software will be on season 2 and it should allow us to hold hundreds of players with absolutely no lag. We can't wait to put the system to test! We are grateful for being one of the very few large networks to be able to run on 1.16 despite its horrific performance issues that were ignored by Mojang.

See you on Fire at 2PM EST on Sunday December 20th!

im looking forward to the new mobs and furniture! ign: PizzaOnAPlate


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I love the look of all the new custom mobs! Can't wait to try everything out on the new season


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Haven't played to much of fire but the classes and economy revamp looks very interesting
IGN: TurtleLUL


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I am really excited about the class system and hope that we will have a good start into the new season. I am very thankful that you guys provide us all of this during this hard time with covid.


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I am most excited about the new cobblestone generators!


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there's a lot of new stuff coming with this update. i'm pretty new to the server so i'm excited to try all the features, but for this revamp i'm most looking forward to the isles :D
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