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NEWS Fire Reset + Update (Season 3) [Postponed]


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Hello everyone,
It's time for a brand new season of Fire. The current season (season 2) was released on December 20, 2020 and has lasted 6 months. We have learned a lot from the current season and we can't wait for you to check out all the changes we have done for Fire Season 3 which is releasing Sunday, June 27, 4PM EST.

➥ New Spawn, PvP Arena, & NPCs

We have a brand new 300x300 spawn that will house all the features' NPCs. The NPCs are also custom instead of same-old-boring villagers.

➥ Economy
The spawner fragments and core economy may have been a little too grindy and hard for players without powerful sets (for isles) and those who simply did not want to spend a lot of time manually killing mobs. Therefore, we have decided to opt for a more inclusive & balanced way of obtaining spawners. In season 3, you can directly buy spawners using Gems. Gems is a currency that you are all familiar with already. You can get gems from:
  • Farming
  • Killing mobs
  • Killing monsters in isles
  • Playtime
In summary, we are removing a middleman (frags & core) and replacing it with a currency that everyone is already familiar with and know how to easily obtain.

The legends rewards are staying the same for this season. The minebuck payouts will be as follows:
View attachment 3111

Remember: competing for legends is an optional experience that does not unlock any special features.​
➥ Minions
Minions have been discontinued for a couple seasons on MineVille, and it was mostly due to their over-powered nature. We now have a new system for minions:

  • You can obtain a minion directly from crates (or isles if you are lucky)
  • Place a minion on your island and give it spawners to farm. A minion may have only 1 type of spawner given it and up to 64 of that spawner.
  • The minion will automatically grind the spawner, collect its drops, and sell them if you also give it an autosell chest.
  • If you do not give the minion an autosell chest, you will just have to manually click on the "sell loot" whenever the minion is full (100,000 items capacity).
This should be a very easy system for minions.
Summary: Place a minion, give it spawners & a sell chest (optional), generate money without a hassle. There are no miner minions.

➥ Real Estate
This is a new feature that I am personally excited for. Do you want to start over but also do not want your island to go to waste? You can now sell it for the highest bidder!
  • You can now place your island for sale on the real estate auction (/realestate). You can opt to sell it for minebucks or money
  • There is a minebucks fee that both the seller and buyer have to pay to the server when a transaction is finalized (agent's fee)
  • A listing is available for 24 hours. If not sold within 24 hours you can list it again.
  • You can set a "buy now" price and a starting bid. If you do not like the highest bid and the auction is about to end, you can cancel the auction without penalty.
  • Once you place your island for sale, you cannot edit it at all. You may only take items out of chests. Autosell chests, autocrafters, chunk hoppers, and spawners will all become un-editable. You sell your island as-is so remove any item that you do not wish to sell before you list it.
  • As a buyer, you can spectate an island in spectator mode for up to 10 minutes (you can go into spectator mode multiple times).
  • You may see a list of spawners that an island has in the /realestate GUI.

Wanna get into the business of building farms and selling them? Well, this might be for you then.

➥ Prestige
This is a new main feature of the server that is endless. There are 10 steps required to complete in order to prestige. Every time you prestige, the objectives for the 10 steps will increase. However, every time you prestige you will receive more minebucks. This is a new way of getting a lot of minebucks other than /donkey. This also replaces classes.

➥ Fast Teleport
A small new feature that adds big possibilities. Advertise your public warp, a contest, or a giveaway by typing [teleport] in chat followed by your message. Players can then click on the [teleport] and automatically teleport to your location instantly.
View attachment 3104

➥ Island Warps Revamp
We are making /is warps less confusing by making it list all warps instead of only online islands which you have to click on to list their warps. The warps will be sorted in descending order from highest likes to lowest.

➥ Dragon Daily Event
Every day there will be a dragon fighting event. It will work similarily to Last Player Standing where you have to type /dragon join and you will be teleported to an arena with a kit and other players. The dragon will spawn and all players that deal damage to the dragon will receive rewards. The top 3 players to deal damage to the dragon will receive crate keys.

➥ Bosses
You can now spawn bosses using boss spawn eggs & fight them in the boss arena. Upon defeating a boss you will receive rewards including exclusive custom-themed weapons and more. /boss to buy spawn eggs for minebucks or win them from the isles. (Not revealing the bosses in the post, join on release day to fight bosses for free).

➥ Isle & Custom Enchants Rebalance
The isle rewards have been re-worked and will include a wide variety of new rewards including souls, gems, crate keys, bosses, sell wands, autosell chests, and even ranks. This is an important step we are taking to make our server even more fair for non-paying players.

Additionally, we are removing Jobs and adding resources to harvest in the isles to receive money, gems, & XP.

The Custom enchantments have also been re-balanced, we kept the custom enchantments that are helpful for Skyblock and removed most of the pvp-oriented custom enchantments that prolonged pvp fights by dodging most hits, causing blindness, immunity, etc.

The new list of custom enchantments can be seen in /enchantments

➥ Other

  • Cobble stone generator tiers have been re-vamped. They are no longer as hard to obtain
  • 2 new shops: Spawn Eggs Shop & End Shop
  • Cobble stone generator will be a lot faster
  • New nether world
  • Fixed teleport pads breaking every few days
  • Major optimizations, should allow up to 300 players at 20 tps, thanks to multithreading done recently by CullanP
  • /is go will now create a new island if you do not have one when running it
  • You can now own up to three islands instead of 1


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this is gonna be sick!