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Factions Season 6


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Faction Max Members: 25
Faction Max Alts: 50
Power per player: 100
Max Allies: 0
Max Corners per faction: 2
Cannon Speed: 3 seconds
Buffer Limit: 25 chunks
Map Length: 2 months (May 9th - July 11th)
Payout @ end of each month
#1 Faction: $200 PayPal + $100 Giftcard​
#2 Faction: $100 PayPal + $50 Giftcard​
#3 Faction: $50 PayPal + $25 Giftcard​
Grace Period: 7 Days
First 15 minutes: PvP Immune​
First 30 minutes: Fly disabled​
First 60 minutes: Random TP/wild disabled​
First 60 minutes: Speed disabled​
First 6 days: No Spawner Tax​
First 7 days: No Powerloss​
First 7 days: No raiding/explosions​
First 7 days: Can switch faction shield time​
Total Worlds: 3
Overworld: 6000x6000 (Semi-Flat)​
Nether: 3000X3000 (Flat)​
Moon: 3000x3000 (Flat)​

➤ Factions can set their basechunk with /f setbasechunk
➤ Base chunk is bolded on /f map​
➤ Moving base chunk has a 2 day cooldown​
➤ Base chunk cannot be moved if TNT has been detected within 30 chunks in the past hour​
➤ Spawners can only be placed within 15 chunk radius of the factions base chunk​
➤ If TNT has been detected within 30 chunks of base in the past 10 minutes, gen buckets cannot be used within those 30 chunks.​


➤ Factions can set their shield time with /f shield
➤ Shield time can be any 8 hour window (Like 1PM - 9PM, or 2AM - 10AM for example)​
➤ While shield is active, TNT is disabled in all of that factions claims (Protecting them from cannons)​
➤ 24 Hour cooldown between switching shield times. Shield times cannot be switched after grace period has ended. (New factions after grace can still set a shield time, but cannot switch once set)​
/f who will show a factions shield time​
Shields allow factions without a 24/7 roster to sleep peacefully​


The nether world has a new event - The Volcano!​
The Volcano is located at the nether spawn, and is a pvp-enabled area with tons of emerald blocks. When mined, they turn into bedrock and the emerald blocks are sent to your inventory.​
Every 20 minutes, the volcano will erupt and all of the bedrock will turn back into emerald blocks. A timer of when the volcano will erupt will be shown in tab​

All mobs now have a 10% chance of dropping their head. You can sell these heads to the Soul Shop for souls at spawn!​
You can purchase many rewards using souls such as but not limited to;​
  • Temp fly time
  • Throwable creeper eggs
  • Armor Sets with set bonuses
  • Magic Sand
  • Harvester Hoes
  • Jelly Legs perk
  • Repair perk
  • Holy White Scrolls
  • Kill Effects, Particle Effects, Titles & more


Magic Sand is a replacement to Sandy bot. Magic Sand blocks can be purchased from Kilton​
Placing a magic sand block will cause sand to drop below it until it runs out.​
Each magic sand block will drop 10,000 sand blocks below it in total, it's magic will then wear off and break​


All players will have access to the new /freecam command!​
This allows you to enter spectator mode for 1 minute, and travel up to 64 blocks away from your body.​
When you enter freecam, a NPC of yourself is spawned. If your NPC is damaged while in freecam you will be sent back to your body immediately.​
There is no cooldown to freecam​


➤ New Spawn​
➤ New /f stealth command - Will not disable enemies fly when you go near them (Useful for scouting)​
➤ New /kit cannon everyone has access to. Gives you 1 of each material needed to make a cannon​
➤ KOTH is now capped by a player instead of faction. Rewards are sent to that players inventory when capped​
➤ KOTH wins are now tracked​
➤ Coinflips release - /coinflip (Can bet money or minebucks)​
➤ /tntfill replaced with /f tnt fill (Can now also fill using your factions tnt bank)​
➤ If you break the first generated block from a genbucket, it'll stop generating more blocks​
➤ Any account that logs off inside of others claimed land for more than 10 minutes will teleport to spawn upon login​
➤ Jelly Legs are automatically turned on​
➤ Combat Tag Timer added to sidebar​
➤ Ender Pearl cooldown increased to 10 seconds​
➤ Removed Strength 2 potions from the game​
➤ Nerfed Strength 1 to be 20% damage increase instead of 130%​
➤ Can now buy multiple Custom Enchantment Books at once​
➤ Can now teleport while in enemy territory​
➤ Can now fly in spawn​
➤ Clear lag remover will no longer clear valuable items​
➤ Lowered price of Legendary Enchantments to 2000 XP & Ultimate to 6000 XP​
➤ Buffed enchantments on starter/pvp kits to iron prot 4 & sharp 4​

Flight Changes:
- Removed flight speed​
- Flight cannot be enabled until 30 seconds have passed after last PVP interaction​
- Will lose flight if an enemy is within 50 blocks​
- Fly time remaining will show in sidebar​

➤ Fixed crash issues when printing @ max settings​
➤ Printer improved (will no longer get limited or kicked)​
➤ Fixed issues with mobs not falling sometimes​
➤ Spawner bugs fixed​
➤ F top improved​
➤ Optimizations​
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