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Enable beds again!


As long as i can remember even in season 1 beds are dissabled and this was never an issue but since the spawners are harder to get everyone starts make big farms and cool things like on a SMP. I really think if we can enable beds this would lead to people making villager hallways and breeders and start really cool things. I don't know for what reason beds are dissabled but you could dissable it in the nether and keep it enabled in the overworld? Just start a discussion below because i would like to start breeding villagers :D


Beds are disabled so that you can’t sleep. You can’t sleep in multiplayer because it can’t skip the night for only people who sleep and not everyone else. Possibly they could make it so you can craft and place them, but not sleep in them. But idek if breeding villagers would work if beds were enabled.


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Senior Moderator
With lag clear, the traditional villager farms that you think of likely wouldn’t work because all entities in the chunk would be cleared anyway. I think another reason that beds are disabled is because of their explosive aspects, however it might be something to consider to allow beds for decorative purpose.