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GUIDE Daily Cow Rewards + Voting Replacement


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Trial Helper

Recently, voting has been discontinued on the network (including vote parties, however the vote crate still exists and has been renamed to the ‘Cow Crate’ which can be accessed with /keys). In place of this, you now also need to link your in-game account to your forums account to claim the daily rewards from /cow.

How to Sync Accounts:

In the account settings on the forums, there is an option for “MineSync Settings”


| Once you click this, it will tell you to run the command /link whilst in-game. (You need to be signed in to the forums before you run this command, so remember to do that!) The command also doesn’t work on the hubs at the moment.


| Finally, once you run /link in-game, it should take a minute or two to sync your accounts. Once this is done, you should receive the following message, and you should be able to claim the daily rewards from /cow as normal.


| P.S; if you happen to link the wrong account to the forums (e.g; an alt account), you can un-sync the accounts at any time by clicking on your “MineSync Settings” as shown above.

How to Claim Rewards:

To claim the daily rewards, do /cow. You must be online for at least one hour before you are able to claim the rewards. As voting has been discontinued, each reward now gives 5 MineBucks and 5 cow keys.


Thank you for reading this 'guide' to the new system. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment them or contact me on Discord, or send me a PM on the forums. All of this information has been tested on the Asgard realm, but should be global. If you notice any errors, report them to staff via the community discord server, under the support-tickets section, or alternatively here on the forums.

- Hallowqueen
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Perfect guide, very informative and easy to understand unlike most guides. Found it amazingly easy to understand how the sever works now with daily rewards and now I know how to link and unlike my account THANK YOU HALLOW!!