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Hey Guys,

Attempting to learn more and more with this server and i am straight up addicted! I loved playing minecraft growing up and im getting back into it and i cant stop. I am wanting to learn how to "chest shop". I bought the Merchant rank and i have the ability, but not the know how of how to make a chest shop. Please let me know if you know what im talking about and maybe some ideas of making it! Also if you have a chest shop let me know so i can check it out!




You left click on a chest with the item you wanna sell in your hand and type in chat the amount. When you place a sign on the chest and left click it, it automaticly becomes a shop sign. Or use /qr command
While looking at chest use
/qr create - with item in hand - [price]
So /qr create [price]

Btw you dont need a rank to make them it only lets you make more as the original 5 chestshops


/warp Ashop
For example of chestshop btw